"Es una universidad americana."

Translation:It is an American university.

4 months ago



It does not sound like she says that. Una and univers get totally jumbled!

2 months ago


I agree, it is difficult to understand a lot of words from "her". He is much more clear Glad to know it isn't my computer. I turned down my speakers to about 57. "She" comes in a little more clear, if that helps.

6 days ago


Muy cara

2 months ago


Why is my answer wrong?

4 weeks ago


Wanda.thom, if you type the answer you gave exactly, before you post your question, we can see it here in the forum. Then the forum people can be helpful, if someone who sees it the way you typed it, knows the correct answer. ¬°Buenas suerte!

3 weeks ago


Pregunta. If the above is correct, why isn't Es una universidad de americana, meaning: It is an American university. Their solution was, Es una uiversidad de America. Can someone help?

6 days ago


can college and university be used interchangebaly in Spanish?

3 days ago
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Learn Spanish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.