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"Ella vivió aquí en el año mil ochocientos noventa."

Translation:She lived here in the year eighteen ninety.

June 1, 2018



I wrote "1890" using numbers instead of words, but it wasn't accepted. I think numbers should be accepted, since no one would write the words for years.


1890 still unacceptable apparently - and unreportable! No one goes around writing the year in words instead of numbers...


she lived here in 1890 - apparently not correct. I certainly would not say 'in the year' as 1890 is self-evidently a year and it would therefore be tautology


Using "the year" should also be accepted though, as it is normal in older texts and literature.


It's now accepted June 2018.

[deactivated user]

    Indeed. I got pinged for it, too. Seems a bit fussy.


    I wrote 1890 instead of spelling it out...to save my arthritic fingers....so now I have used the extra effort to report it.


    2019-12-06- accepted for me today


    This should say in the year eighteen ninety.

    One thousand eight hundred ninety should be accepted with the words given. I was taught in elementary school not to use the word and in numbers.


    I was taught that as well.


    'She lived here in the year 1890' was denied


    It was accepted when I tried today (2018-07-30)


    It should be accepted, as a different question forces us to use "the year." Also, "the year" is used in English in older texts and literature.


    1) Would "el año dieciocho noventa" also work? 2) Is "el año" necessary if you want to simply say " in 1890"?I 3) Is "mil" necessary to say "in 1890" ?


    Deberia de aceptar los numeros


    In a question in the same lesson today, DUO said I had to put "the year" into the "correct" answer. How about a little consistency?


    Mariza11..., that is what the correct answer says.

    It is in the Spanish for me to translate to English, though, so IMO all who have the same task should be allowed to write the numerals after saying "the year," as many have said.


    I need more explanation. If ochentociento is eight hundred, then how is mil ochentociento nuvienta, eighteen hundred ninety? It does not make sense to me?


    Mil = 1000, ochocientos = 800, noventa = 90.
    All together, that's 1000 + 800 + 90 = 1890 (aka eighteen hundred and ninety).

    Hope that makes it more clear.

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