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"I don't know those doctors."

Translation:Yo no conozco a esas médicas.

3 months ago



Can a native speaker tell me why it is incorrect to use " Yo no conozco a aquellas medicas"??

3 months ago


I'm not native but hope I can help. I have been taught that you use aquellos/aquellas when referring to something which is further away. In English we do not have this, we would just say: "I do not know those doctors "over there"

1 month ago


Daniel is right but using Aquellos should still be an alternative correct answer IMO..

1 month ago


I'm also curious of the usage rule for aquella vs. esa.

2 months ago


Remember to give her the lingot!

1 month ago


Please, can anyone explain why we add the 'A' before esas. I'll donate a Lingot to the first person to help. Many thanks in advance.

3 months ago

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This is the "personal a." We have nothing like it in English, so it takes a lot of getting used to. It's untranslated and indicates that the doctors are the direct object of the sentence.
I suggest studyspanish.com (Grammar Unit Two).

3 months ago


Thanks,​ I'm getting to grips with it slowly

3 months ago


Why not esos doctores

3 weeks ago


I understand also that the personal a is not used with generalized people/ situations. In this situation, "those doctors" represent any doctor not a particular doctor

2 weeks ago


Yo no se esos doctores,, no aceptado, por que?

5 days ago