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  5. "El taxi está aquí."

"El taxi está aquí."

Translation:The taxi is here.

June 1, 2018



What is the difference between Esta and Es?


Está is for location or something that is not constant. Eg. El hotel estå cerrado. The hotel is closed but that is not its constant state. The hotel can also be open. Hope that helps


I didn't understand! Could you please clarify more?


Use "es" For permanent things, Use esta for things that aren't permanent, there are exceptions. Like position, while permanent still uses esta.


What if the hotel is closed for good? :J


I am by no means an expert but I think I know the differences between ser y estar. Let me know if I made a mistake.

Pronoun Ser Estar

Yo Soy Estoy Tu Eres Estás Él/Ella/Ud Es Está Nosotros Somos Estamos Nosotras Vosotros/as Sois Estáis Ellos/Ellas/Uds Son Están

Differences between Ser and Estar.

Ser - Passive Estar - Active Ser - What something is Estar - What something does Ser - What you are Estar - What you are being/doing Ser - What something is Estar - How something is

List of when to use Ser and when to use Estar.

Ser Estar | | Description Position Occupation Location Characteristic Action Time Condition Origin Emotion Relationship

You can remember these by the first letter of each word. Ser - DOCTOR Estar - PLACE

Hope this helps.


Sorry the thing messed up.

Yo - soy estoy-------------- Tu - eres estás-------------- Él/Ella/Ud - es estás-------- Nosotros/as - somos estamos-------------------- Vosotros/as - sois estáis---- Ellos/Ellas/Uds - son están-

Ser - What something is. What you are. Passive.

Estar - How something is. What you are being/doing. What something does. Active.

Ser - Description, Occupation, Characteristic, Time, Origin, Relationship.

Estar - Position, Location, Action, Condition, Emotion.


The verb "Ser" is for something of permanence. "Yo soy* una niña" - "I am a girl." I will, and will always be a girl. The verb "Estar" is for something that is more temporary. "El taxi está aqui." - The taxi IS here (but taxis don't just stay in one place so it won't be there forever) Hope this helps you <3


Until you grow up :)
Then you will no longer be a "girl" – you will be a woman ;)
So not really "always" :J


You can think of it like "es" being similar to "exist", and "está" being similar to "just standing here (temporarily)". I use a memory trick: I take the "STA" in "eSTA" as a shorthand for "STAnding", because it reminds me that "estar" is for telling where something is located (where it "stands"), or about temporary STAtes. As for the other one, "eS" is kinda like "iS" or "EkSist", so it reminds me that it is used for describing permanent qualities and existence.


Read tips you will understand


Go in the tips it will help you


I don't know yet but i think you will figer it out


Esta is it is and es is just is


No. They both mean "he, she, or it is." However, ser is predominantly for permanent qualities, and estar is predominantly for locations or temporary states.


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It's a very good question and one of the most confusing aspects of spanish verbs. This explains it fairly well:



Difficult to hear the esta, in that sentence. I can understand why they have it though...


How do you pronounce está aqui is it like esta aki or estaki


Why are the speaking excercises broken? I said very clearly "the taxi is here" and it rejected the "here"....


Why dont we use es instead of esta ?


Because we're not speaking about what the taxi is like or that it exists, but about where it is located (or where it STAnds → eSTA).


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not sure if its my hearing or the "robot" voice, i really struggle to tell the difference between when it says Esta or Es


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I'm not sure if the exact meaning but está is for location.


If you want to say "Today is Friday", would you use the verb "ser" or "Estar". Would "Hoy es viernes" be the right choice?


Yes, "es" would be the right choice, because you talk about existence.


What does aquí mean?


I am confused, why isn't is es for the word 'is' here instead of esta . I am confused when to use one verses the other


There are two verbs for "to be" in Spanish: one for existence or character (ser), and another for being somewhere or in a particular state (estar).


Can't belive i got it wrong


What is the difference between el and la


"El" is the masculine singular definite article (el libro, the book); "la" is the feminine singular definite article (la puerta, the door); "los" is the masculine plural definite article (los libros, the books); and "las" is the feminine plural definite article (las puertas, the doors).


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I understand that this sentence is describing "where" the taxi is, but does sentence also describe that the taxi has arrived? The English sentence is often used for the latter purpose as well.


The taxi us here shoupd be a type right? I got autocorrecyed that and fot the answer wrong


For ser a good acronynm is DOTS D.Description O.Orgin T.Time S.Ser and estar is ELF E.Estar L.Location F.Felling. I just use those to remember when to use them.


Then I would have not only to remember the verb, but also the acronym (more stuff to remember), and I would have to go through that list every time I want to make a decision about which verb to use in speech. Too much resources wasted. I'd rather learn the proper usage in practice, using some template examples to let my brain get accustomed with it and bring it back automatically whenever I need to say something.


I put The taxi it is here and that was considered incorrect. Why?


Because you were supposed to type what you hear.


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