Translation:The taxi is here.

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What is the difference between Esta and Es?

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Está is for location or something that is not constant. Eg. El hotel estå cerrado. The hotel is closed but that is not its constant state. The hotel can also be open. Hope that helps

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I am by no means an expert but I think I know the differences between ser y estar. Let me know if I made a mistake.

Pronoun Ser Estar

Yo Soy Estoy Tu Eres Estás Él/Ella/Ud Es Está Nosotros Somos Estamos Nosotras Vosotros/as Sois Estáis Ellos/Ellas/Uds Son Están

Differences between Ser and Estar.

Ser - Passive Estar - Active Ser - What something is Estar - What something does Ser - What you are Estar - What you are being/doing Ser - What something is Estar - How something is

List of when to use Ser and when to use Estar.

Ser Estar | | Description Position Occupation Location Characteristic Action Time Condition Origin Emotion Relationship

You can remember these by the first letter of each word. Ser - DOCTOR Estar - PLACE

Hope this helps.

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Sorry the thing messed up.

Yo - soy estoy-------------- Tu - eres estás-------------- Él/Ella/Ud - es estás-------- Nosotros/as - somos estamos-------------------- Vosotros/as - sois estáis---- Ellos/Ellas/Uds - son están-

Ser - What something is. What you are. Passive.

Estar - How something is. What you are being/doing. What something does. Active.

Ser - Description, Occupation, Characteristic, Time, Origin, Relationship.

Estar - Position, Location, Action, Condition, Emotion.

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Very helpful

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The verb "Ser" is for something of permanence. "Yo soy* una niña" - "I am a girl." I will, and will always be a girl. The verb "Estar" is for something that is more temporary. "El taxi está aqui." - The taxi IS here (but taxis don't just stay in one place so it won't be there forever) Hope this helps you <3

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I don't know yet but i think you will figer it out

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I'm not sure if the exact meaning but está is for location.

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It's a very good question and one of the most confusing aspects of spanish verbs. This explains it fairly well:


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If you want to say "Today is Friday", would you use the verb "ser" or "Estar". Would "Hoy es viernes" be the right choice?

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Why dont we use es instead of esta ?

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