"The girl helps her brother."

Translation:La niña ayuda a su hermano.

7 months ago



Can anyone offer me some help; I'm confused, when should I add the 'a'. Google Translate tells me La niña ayuda su hermano translates as The girl helps her brother. So I'm just confused about the purpose of the 'a'.

7 months ago

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Caught by the 'personal a' join the club!

This is one of the things I've really struggled to get to grips with and I still get caught out with it even now.

This explains it:



It drives me batty!

7 months ago


Thanks for the links. This personal "a" stuff...lack of an explanation within Duolingo...shows that it can't be one's only way to learn Spanish.

5 months ago

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First, there might be an explanation on the desktop version. Second, although I agree that Duolingo shouldn't be the only way someone learns a language (nor should any non-immersive tool, for that matter), I will say that after doing Duolingo every day for over 4 years, I have developed an intuitive sense for the "personal a". I don't know how to explain it... I just kind of know it should be there. And I accept that there are weird things like this in any language (especially English) that need time and practice to master.

4 months ago


This is exactly how Duolingo works.

4 months ago


Why cant we use chica instead of niña ?

4 months ago


Perfectly good answer. Report it.

2 months ago


Great links! Really helpful.

4 months ago


Im liking the english queztion translating to spanish ..im learning somethjng finally....sp question to english i get 95% + correct....eng to sp i get maybe 60% correct...nog that i lkke being wrong ....but im learning more in ghis format...duo ling take note please

4 months ago

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Can you also say, "La niña LE ayuda a su hermano"?

2 months ago


How do you know when to put in a

1 month ago
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