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  5. "Bitte essen Sie etwas."

"Bitte essen Sie etwas."

Translation:Please eat something.

June 1, 2018



Why's the Sie needed?


Because that's how the imperative with the formal "Sie" (singular and plural) is formed: "Essen Sie! Gehen Sie! Stehen Sie auf!"

With the informal "du", it's "Iss! Geh! Steh auf!", and in plural ("ihr") it's "Esst! Geht! Steht auf!" - you don't add the actual pronoun here, but with "Sie" it's necessary.


Thanks for the explanation! Why isn’t it “Bitte, Sie essen etwas.”?


Because the verb SHOULD BE IN THE 2nd POSSITION.....


Is it that, or is it because "Bitte, Sie essen etwas" becomes "please, you are eating something", which is not imperative?

Does verb come in second place for imperative also? Wouldn't bitte be the zeroth place, and essen be the first place?

Please clarify, and thanks!


Why is would you please eat something wrong? It would seem to be the more English translation


"would you please eat something?" is a question/entreaty, but "please eat something" is a command. While they might be interchangeable in everyday talk, grammatically they are not, which means you can't translate them interchangeably.

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