Translation:I want to look for work in a store.

7 months ago



Isn't "find" a job similar to "look for" a job?

5 months ago


Even the dictionary hint says "find."

3 months ago


Can is say "un trabajo" or would that sound unnatural?

5 months ago


Why is "I want to find work in a store" wrong?

3 months ago


That's the answer that I gave and was marked as wrong.

5 days ago


I want to seek work in a store... Wrong, according to Duo! It should have been, "I want to find work in a store." Doesn't buscar mean? To look for, seek out, search for, etc. So wouldn't (find) be encontrar?

7 months ago

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I want to look for work in a store is correct.

quiero - I want

buscar, in it's infinitive form because it's following a conjugated verb - to look for

trabajo, being used as a noun - work

en una tienda - in a store.

7 months ago


but earlier duo used "trabajo" as "job" and in English we would say a job.

5 months ago


Why is un not their before trabajo

3 months ago


I am OK with how the sentence was written, but find the idea of looking for work 'in a store' to be very confusing. Looking for a generic job in a 'specific' store, or a specific kind of store (e.g. clothing) is not strange and neither is looking for a specific 'kind of job' in stores generically (e.g. retail sales, mgmt, warehousing, purchasing, etc.), but looking for a 'generic job' in a 'generic store' is so unspecific that it makes no sense. How can you WANT something/anything so ... unspecific. This sentence is truly pointless.

1 month ago


One of the options for trabaja is the word job. But its wrong.

5 months ago
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