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"Yes, I want two pens, please."

Translation:Sí, yo quiero dos bolígrafos, por favor.

June 1, 2018



Are there times when 'yo quiero' vs 'quiero' (for example) is more or less appropriate? Or is 'yo' only used in formal or emphatic speech, perhaps? Personally, I would just drop 'yo' from most statements except where emphasis or formality is required, but would that be correct?


You should try and avoid using 'yo' as much as possible because it starts to make you sound a bit self important! I, I, I, I etc. Usually it's only ever used for clarification as to who is doing the action where confusion might arise.

This is a really useful guide to personal pronoun use:



That's how it felt to me too. Thanks for the confirmation! ...and the link.


Exactly, so it's silly that the app sometimes corrects you when you omit it. And sometimes it doesn't..


A question for Spanish speaking natives. Is the word "pluma" commonly used in Spanish for pen or is it more commonly "bolígrafo"?


It gave me bolis, as well.


I am a Spanish native speaker.

It depeans of the Spanish that you would like to learn. In Spanish from Spain (I am from Spain) we use bolígrafos. Pluma is correct but it doesn't sound natural (in Spanish from Spain).

Pluma is common in some Latinoamerican Spanish speaking countries thought


I wrote, "Sí, quiero dos bolis please" XD


Heh. Yeah, I do that switching language for a word or two in the middle of things too. The most unfortunate was probably, "I want to eat pan."


Anyone else wish you had a shortcut button for "bolígrafos"? We sure seem to "talk" about pens a lot! :-)


at least the German course doesn't mention ballwriters once, so far.


Duolingo accepts bolis, which I've been told is more common. (Kinda like more people talk about photos than photographs.)


Why should numbers help me

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