"Yes, I want two pens, please."

Translation:Sí, yo quiero dos bolígrafos, por favor.

8 months ago



Are there times when 'yo quiero' vs 'quiero' (for example) is more or less appropriate? Or is 'yo' only used in formal or emphatic speech, perhaps? Personally, I would just drop 'yo' from most statements except where emphasis or formality is required, but would that be correct?

8 months ago

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You should try and avoid using 'yo' as much as possible because it starts to make you sound a bit self important! I, I, I, I etc. Usually it's only ever used for clarification as to who is doing the action where confusion might arise.

This is a really useful guide to personal pronoun use:


8 months ago


That's how it felt to me too. Thanks for the confirmation! ...and the link.

8 months ago


I wrote, "Sí, quiero dos bolis please" XD

8 months ago


A question for Spanish speaking natives. Is the word "pluma" commonly used in Spanish for pen or is it more commonly "bolígrafo"?

6 months ago


It gave me bolis, as well.

5 months ago
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