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"Esta cartera, la uso en el verano."

Translation:This purse, I use it in the summer.

June 1, 2018



I wrote "I use this purse during summer" and was marked wrong. I think it is a better translation than the one given, because "This purse, I use it in the summer" is not a properly formed sentence in English.


Your translation is pretty loose. This type of sentence is designed to test your use of the direct object pronoun. They mention cartera, and you have to come up with the direct object pronoun la. Your paraphrase completely knocks out the pronoun. They do have smoother-sounding sentences of this type, but even in this more awkward sentence, you have to work with Duo to give them what they're looking for.


This would only work together if the first clause is a question in good English: This purse? I use it in the summer.


I said: This purse, I wear it in the summer. It wasn't accepted. The only reason I did so was it was how usar was introduced. I always thought it was funky to "wear" a purse, but it used to be acceptable


Punctuation maybe? It is still a very awkward translation.

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