"Tulisikia kelele"

Translation:We heard noise

June 1, 2018



Is 'we heard a noise' also correct here?

June 1, 2018


I can see why they wouldn't accept it, since in English 'a noise' can mean a single sound, no matter how loud it is. 'Kelele' is straight up noise

June 9, 2018


It now accepts "We heard a noise" (22 July 2018).
To me, that sounds right. (A noise would have to be loud, and it could continue for some time, e.g. a road drill.) But I agree that it could also be a single (loud) sound.

July 22, 2018


In Spanish, an ukulele is called ukelele, which looks like as a u- class Swahili word, even if it really is of Hawaiian origin.

December 7, 2018
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