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New Engorged Spanish Tree

First, the crown system, now a whole lotta purple.

I, for one, am really enjoying the changes. If I hadn't reached a certain point in my studies, I might feel otherwise, but both the crown system and the extra Spanish purple seem very ZEN to me.

I've been enthusiastically language-ing for a couple years now, and I have reached a stage where I'm taking smaller bites, more frequently, and enjoying the sensation when the words (or sentences even) flow automatically, without thinking. Speaking German, French, Italian, Spanish, actually start to FEEL like speaking English in an accent.

For me, the crown system and the new Spanish tree support that kind of learning. Can't speak to the world, but it works for me.

June 1, 2018



your positive posts are a breath of fresh air in this age of complaints! tree updates are good things, means the course is being actively worked on. as a user i enjoy seeing duo evolve!


I totally agree. I LOVE my new tree and all the new skills I have to learn! Kudos to Duolingo!


I know some have complained but I think the new tree is awesome! :)


i haven't actually noticed the change in my learning tree?? looks the same to me!


Just wait. You're about to get 60 new skills.


I haven't gotten any changes to my tree yet, maybe they're still rolling out.


I've definately noticed some changes. They seem okay so far! :)


My tree was completely gold before the new skills were added. I haven't even got all the new skills up to crown one but my word list has gone up by over 1000 words. The vosotros forms are there now. I'm a little confused by the percentages on the desktop version; I'm not sure how it lines up with the 2/4 display on the mobile version but it's not a big deal. The new content is great, after a 1200 day streak I was feeling close to maxing out, now there is a whole lot more to learn. Lots of discussion in my club about the new stuff. The light bulb notes are also great; check them out, little written explanations about the content of the skill.


I've been using Duolingo for a year now, but am not aware of the "tree" nor do I have (or know where to find) my level or whatever. I have 296 crowns, but don't have a clue what that means, as there's no explanation. Insights, anyone?


If I was a new user, I would think this is a much better tree. However, changing the tree after 60 days has really disrupted my learning. I tried to ignore the 50+ new skills that have been inserted in front of my old tree and tried to progress with the skills I had been working on (Present 2 especially). However, now my lessons assume I have learned the words and grammar in the 50 new skills.

I can't focus on trying to learn the actual skill I'm supposed to learn because so much new material is popping up but not being repeated enough to learn. For instance, I haven't learned how to use two verbs in a sentence but this is now everywhere.

They needed to give users the choice of when to switch or do a better job of integrating what you have actually learned vs the new skills they have inserted.

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