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  5. "Me di cuenta de que"?


"Me di cuenta de que"?


I could use some help with understanding the sentence "Me di cuenta de que". It think it means "I realized that.". But..

Cuenta translates to "I realized", "me cuenta" would mean "I realized myself", "que" is "that. So what does the other 2 words (di and de) mean in this sentence? Since I would think that the sentence is completed without those 2 words.

I'm just trying to understand it so I can also understand other sentences built like this.

Can someone help me out? :) Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Eva

June 1, 2018



It's one you pretty much have to learn. It's idiomatic and it means "I noticed" or "I realized".

If you want to break it down word by word, it's:
darse cuenta de

darse - to give yourself
cuenta - an accounting
de - of

So it's kind of like giving yourself an accounting of something that is happening or has happened. In other words, to notice or to realize ;-)


"Di" is the past form (preterito, 1st person singular) of "dar" (to give). "Dar cuenta" means "to report", and "darse cuenta" means "to realize" ("to report to oneself", literally).

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Darse cuenta = realize

Darse cuenta = notice

"darse cuenta" also could be "percatarse", "advertir", "comprender", "entender", "notar" depending on context.

Adverti que... (I realized that...)



Thank you all! It's still hard to wrap my head around, but you made it definitely clearer.


Cuenta does not quite means "I realized" it means rather Count (numbers for example) or Tell a story or happening. una tradicion mas literal de "Me di cuenta " would be : I gave myself (me di) awareness (cuenta) of that..(de que) . If you were to translate literally in English it woul be quite akward. Therfore learn it holistically, those are the conventions of the language and it takes a linguist to go all the way to the origins of words and sentences.

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