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  5. "What is your favorite sport?"

"What is your favorite sport?"

Translation:¿Cuál es tu deporte preferido?

June 1, 2018



Here preferido and favorito are used interchangeably


But they marked favorito as incorrect. Reported 1/6/19


"Favorito" marked correct for me.


The same on November 28th, 2019


Again on Feb 19 2020


Accepted on April 17, 2020


Meanwhile, the Spanish speaking learners are learning favorite/favorito. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/18715549/Cu%C3%A1l-es-tu-deporte-favorito


How do you know when to use cual over que?


Thanks! That's a great resource!


Great explanation. Thanks!


Thanks for the helpful video Hippoposthumous. Have a lingot on me.


The link that keeps on giving Lingots! Thx, very helpful!


Cual means which and que means what. This is how it was explained to me: use cual in the case where there was the possibility to list the diverse choices: for names, sports, religion, etc. You could generate a list of possible choices, and you would say which in English too. Which show were you watching on TV?


'cual' is used to mean 'which' when there is a choice of options, as in this case where there are many possible sports to select from. 'qué' is used when there is only one option, such as 'What day is it?' Qué día es?


This simplistic defenition is messing so many people up. Please stop repeating it. See my link on this same thread. There are 6 usages. For example, que always comes before a noun, regardless of whether there is a list, choice, abstract idea or otherwise.


Well there are actually seven choices for days of the week. It is hard to leave the ap to follow a link, so it is better to discuss what we think is the best answer. Maybe the other explanation is correct where que is followed by a noun: que dia es hoy?

[deactivated user]

    There is only one choice when answering the question “What day is it?”. Today can only be one of the seven days. It can’t be any of the other six. For example, if someone asked me today “What day is it?” I can only answer “Thursday”. One answer. The other six days of the week aren’t even on the table. They’re all wrong answers.


    When theres multiple things 2 and up that youre choosing between it is Cual. Like this time "what is your favorite sport " theres multiple options. Basketball, baseball, excetra and so in spanish they use cual for this type of question. Que is what, how or that. Por ejemplo: "qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre" what do you like to do in your free time [i think] is using que because its not choosing between or which.


    I thought the same thing until I checked out the site that Hippoposthumous posted.

    Duolingo is good but doesn't explain much. You really need outside sources to get the answer to your questions.
    https://www.realfastspanish.com/vocabulary/que-vs-cual? has both an article and a video that offer a great detailed explanation but here are the rules in a nutshell:

    1. If you're using the verb "to be" (ser), and are asking for a definition, use "¿Qué es…?" ("What is 'book'?” =¿ Qué es 'libro'?

    2. Otherwise, use "¿Cuál es…? (What is the name of the book? = "¿Cuál es el nombre del libro?")

    3. When used with the word "of" (de), You use ¿Cuál de…? (Which of these books do you prefer? = ¿Cuál de estos libros prefieres?)

    4. If it's immediately followed by a noun, use "qué". ( Which book do you prefer? = ¿Qué libro prefiere?)

    5. If it's followed by a conjugated verb and there isn’t a limited set of choices, use "Que". For example, asking, "What happened in the book?" = "¿Qué pasó en el libro?"

    6. If it's followed by a conjugated verb and the choices are limited, use "Cual". "Which of these three books do you want?" = "¿Cuál de estos tres libros quieres?"


    Preferido = preferred,

    favorito = favorit

    It didn't ask what is your "preferred" sport?"....

    Yes they are interchangeable, but when there is a direct translation, it should be used!


    Why "favorito" is not accepted here?


    Your instructions will not win any rewards: FAVORITE SPORT y PREFERRED SPORT are clearly two DIFFERENT concepts, as backed up my spanish-english dictionary.


    You have been showing cuales and now it's wrong. What have I missed.....


    Cuales is for plural nouns.


    When is cuales used?


    Cuales is plural and is used when asking about a plural noun.


    Is there a difference between "preferido" and "favorito" or are they interchangeable?


    WHY is it perferido not favorito?


    Both are correct.


    No, perferido is wrong.


    Cual es tu deporte preferido? Cual es tu deporte preferido.


    why not use favorito instead of preferido


    favorito got marked wrong still


    Favorito is accepted now feb 2020


    preferido or favorito


    Cual es tu deporte favorito on 6/26/2020 is marked as wrong


    When yo use tu over tus?


    Tu is used with a singular noun, tus is used with a plural noun.


    Why es and not está, surely having a favourite in not a permanent thing you can change your mind.


    What is permanent? Can you think of anything that does not change?

    Everything changes.

    There are numerous posts and discussions about ser and estar, and many discredit the rule about permanence. There is some validity to it but it is more complicated than that.

    Check out http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-ser-and-estar/
    Ser is used for "how someone spends his or her time".


    Cual es vs Cuales? This is why I got the translation wrong. Help please.


    Already answered a couple of times. Read first and you will get your answer right away, and we will be spared yet another redundant post.


    favorito marked as incorrect 3/30/21


    Favorito is not marked incorrect. Look for an error elsewhere.

    Please don't post contradictory information without evidence.


    Favorito is as acceptable as preferido.


    "Favorito" marked incorrect for me just now (4 July 2020)


    Favorito is not marked incorrect. Look for an error elsewhere.


    Favorito not accepted 8/16/20. Why?


    It marked favorito wrong even after others got it marked as correct.


    Favorito not accepte 1/24/2021


    the question before favourite was favorito now its preferido make your mind up duo.


    favorito not accepted


    Incorrect 27/09/20!!!!


    Again look at these postings and you can see how inconsistent this is....iit is a wonderful system for learning but poorly administered. In many cases an english tranlation is given as correct when it is gramatically poor English and yey my good English is marked jncorrect...I never hear anyone say Tennis is so FUN...you wouldnt accept bas spanish grammar no matter who uses it...but sometimes it is right and other times wrong??


    Lol, we can see from your post how qualified you are to judge Duo.


    Using the voice dictator is no the best but the quickest. I can judge it as a user just as any other can and the posts Back me up totally


    Preferido is preferred, it's not the same as favorite


    preferred adjective
    Being a favorite: favored, favorite, popular, well-liked.


    If the question read Which, I would have used cual, but with what I used que and was marked incorrect.... Still think I was right.


    Please see the link provided by Hippoposthumous. Also please read other comments before creating a new one, so that together we can keep the discussions uncluttered and useful for all. Thank you!


    "Cual es tu deportes favorito" It is my answer, so agen the system do not recognize synonyms word as result black the posibility to pass the express test succesfuly. Cause: Preferido and Favorito are also like the same. Even Google translater conrirm it...

    [deactivated user]

      It's deporte, not deportes. Deportes is plural.

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