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  5. "rojmabmo' bep lurveng."

"rojmabmo' bep lurveng."

Translation:Because of the peace treaty, Lurveng complained.

June 1, 2018



Strictly speaking, this says Lurveng complained BECAUSE of the peace treaty. It's possible that Lurveng was complaining about something else that came about because of the peace treaty.

Sure, the mostly likely interpretation will be that Lurveng is complaining about the cause of his complaint, but I think it's important to note that -mo' does not mean about in any way.


That's a good point; we'll keep the "primary" translation as "... about ..." (while still permitting [due to/because of/...]), but remove "about the peace treaty" from the tooltip for rojmabmo'.


That will result in a red word in the incubator, which I think looks messy.

I think that the primary translation should be something that is shown in the hints -- if you want to keep "about" as the primary translation, it should be in the hints, and if you want to remove "about" from the hints, you should use something else as the primary translation.


I believe hint edits don't sync after they've first been generated; you can delete them in one direction without the other being affected.

It's true that there should be some hint, though. However, I think it should be on "complained about", rather than "about the peace treaty". I'd added -mo' bep for "complained about".

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