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Wow! May2018 Update is awesome!

Just wanted to thank Duolingo for updating the language tree. Please keep on coming. My worry is to finish this tree and then what's next? The tree should continually be updated so there is no end. I don't think there should be an end to learning Spanish. There are always so much to learn whether it's words, sentences or idioms.

The May2018 update is awesome. I was surprised by the new groupings (travel, shopping etc.) and that there are now more opportunities to learn.

Duolingo is amazing!



June 1, 2018



So I hear ... still haven't received it yet. I was one of the last to get crowns too. I think I must have ticked off Luis van Ahn in a past life.


Bwahahaha! Then you need to make amends and soon :-) The new tree is amazing! I'm excited to check out the new stuff.


My worry is to finish this tree and then what's next?

Do the reverse Spanish to English tree?


I consider doing the reverse tree as being in a comfort zone - meaning - not challenge one self with something new.

Try Memrise, for example - you can do flash cards for free - i had got the (opt-in) Pro package at 50% price - I would recommend it - both the free and of course the pro too.

Take a look at Rocket Languages (Spanish) too - aeswome audio - If you want the free thing: Use their app - easier to use.


I disagree... I think that I have learned more from the reverse trees than from the original ones. The normal tree gives you the basic tools and the reverse tree makes you use those tools more. Just my opinion though.


Yes I agree with you for the pre crowns version, because there was more translating English into Spanish which you need to be able to do to hold a conversation and was sadly lacking in the Spanish tree, (more comprehension than composition). However on the crowns version of the "reverse tree" level 3 and level 4 have more translating Spanish into English which is not so challenging for an English speaker like me.

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The tree that teaches English for Spanish speakers has more vocabulary and grammar than the the course that teaches Spanish to English speakers. The 2 courses don't mirror each other.


WTF? That does not sound right... how do we get into that course? I want to check it out. Thanks.

I went to the course selection and I have to switch to that course but I don't want to do that because I am enjoying this Spanish for English speakers tree. I wish Duolingo would make both courses available so we can try them out at the same time :-(


If I understand your concern, I may be able to help. I have been learning Spanish for English speakers. Somewhere in these discussions someone suggested also doing English for Spanish speakers. Now I do both. It does give more vocabulary and different structure to sentences. If that's what you want to do, go to Home, choose new course (language), at top check you are a Spanish speaker, then choose English. Then just switch between the two as you would if you are learning multiple languages.


If I chose to switch from Spanish for English speakers to English for Spanish speakers do I get to keep the progress I've already achieved in Spanish for English? I would hate to lose all that hard work and then start over each time I switch.

It probably seems more straightforward to just create a new account and then get that one started for English for Spanish speakers.



Once you are set up, it is SO easy to switch back and forth. You literally just hover over the flag beside your name (Spain or USA, depending on which course you have open) and click on the other course title.

It sounds a lot more complex than it actually is.

[deactivated user]

    Dude 3434, you lose nothing! I switch back & forth easily all the time!


    Tiny Kitties: Thanks! I might just try that :-)


    This sounds kinda epic.



    Me gusta el cambio


    I like the new update too. Duo should keep adding new categories!


    I sometimes agree but not always. I am not certain that this new update is that great. (Being honest here).


    I actually find it demotivating and tediously redundant now. Get through one level of words I already know, and there are more levels of the same waiting. No thanks. Better ways to spend my time and better ways to learn a language. Needs more logical structure, especially for those who have been working in it for a while. Maybe the next update will improve it. Maybe not. Glad some people like it.


    I like the new categories but I don't really understand the crowns - what do they measure? How high can you get? I think I preferred the percent fluency, because it was understandable and more motivating.


    El arbol de espanol es muy bueno!


    Lo siento pero no estoy de acuerdo aquí.


    Pretty inconsiderate of them to change horses on you in midstream, or rather, to change streams on you just as you and your horse had reached the midpoint. I thought I was navigating the Charles, but it just swelled into the Amazon.


    John, it's good to remember: "Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." Buenas suerte :-)


    The price is right too! The gift that keeps on giving, right?


    Ahahaha, okay. :)


    Nice quote! So inspiring.


    What do you mean? (I do hope I am not being rude here)


    agreed. This is awesome! keep getting worried about running out of stuff but Duo keeps finding more. The seven new skills are welcome (I've had the 50ish ones you guys are getting for a few months now because I was on the beta crew) as I almost had all my skills at 3 crowns and was getting worried


    There are some other differences too. I had a lesson that included a conversation segment. The number of words in my vocabulary decreased by about 50 words, and I was able to earn 6200+ XP today. I wish there was a final checkpoint so that I could level up on all the new lessons at the bottom of the tree.

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