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New categories!

Thank you Duolingo for the wonderful updated website. I LOVE IT! I have practiced every day for 1177 days and now it is even more fun and challenging. I tell everyone to check it out. Thanks!

June 1, 2018



Hello, Shadima! My hat is off to you. Have a lingot for your enthusiasm! Love, Cat


It was a little confusing this morning when I saw the new categories, but then I figured out what happened. So far they are super simple, but it never hurts to get extra practice. And I'm sure these will be much more helpful to beginners, like my husband. The various categories look very useful and practical for everyday life, like Shopping, Travel, and Restaurants. I had finished the tree before the new levels (crowns) showed up, so that gave me a lot more to do, and now there is even more.


What a streak!

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