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Any good resources to learn German grammar?

I would like some resources to help me further my German ability

June 2, 2018



I like Nicos Weg in dw.com https://learngerman.dw.com/en/overview Dw has many other courses.

And also German with Jenny in youtube and her website.

If you Google German grammar there are a lot of materials from many universities.


I will try DW! Is it free?


Yes, the Deutsche Welle website has a few different free things for learning German.

I haven't tried the Nicos Weg yet, as I think that's new; however, I've gone through about half of "Harry gefangen in der Zeit" so far and I really enjoy that.


I have never found any good resources and it’s making me want to drop German.


I'm sure there's some out there just keep looking


There's a book called English Grammar for Students of German that was recommended to me.


You could use Learn German with Anja and Learn German with Jenny. You could also look at Get Germanized. They're all on YouTube and German with Jenny also has a website.

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