"The girl is American."

Translation:La niña es americana.

8 months ago



I got this wrong the first time because I forgot to say americanA instead of americanO!!! Reminder: make words match gender of previous word!

5 months ago


Muchacha is not accepted as girl.

8 months ago


Yes it is: 7/8/18.

7 months ago


Can somebody explain the difference between using es o está. We learned es means it is y està means is. Now està is not accepted as is. Wtf man

5 months ago

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I came here to ask the same question! This site does a great job of explaining it: https://www.thoughtco.com/verbs-meaning-to-be-ser-estar-3078314

5 months ago


Why is americana not capitalized in this exercise but España and China are? I've seen it the other way around in these exercises too.

4 months ago


Ikr! In Spanish, you never capitalize those things!

2 months ago


I believe this is because americana translates to "American" and not "America." Since this is typically not a noun, in Spanish, you do not capitalize it. That's my thinking, anyway. I didn't create Spanish.

Thank you for the question!

2 months ago


Nationalities aren't capitalized, however Espana and China are because it is the option to begin a sentence. Basically all the words that start with a capital give you a clue that is how you start a sentence.

1 week ago
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