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  5. "El gato vegetariano."

"El gato vegetariano."

Translation:The vegetarian cat.

June 2, 2018



El gato está muerto.


Si. No le de comidas de vegetariano a los gatos!


The speaker pronounced ia with a j sound like ja. Is this common?


Hay un evidente error en el audio, además de no pronunciar bien la parte 'ria', hace una pausa debido a la cual no se entienda bien. Siendo el español mi idioma materno, he tenido que oír el audio hasta 4 veces para llegar a averiguar cual era la última palabra (además como la frase no es muy lógica pues cuesta más), si bien he oído el audio 'lento'para confirmarla. Dicho esto, es casi imposible que un estudiante de español entienda esta palabra, con lo que acabo de reportarlo 16/09/18


Could someone please post the phonetics for "vegetariano"? I just can't get the hang of it. Many thanks in advance.



beh (as the English "e" in 'berry')
he (as the English "ea" in 'heaven')
tahr (as the English "o" in 'top'
yah (as the English "o" in 'yonder. [or 'top']
noh - as the English "o" in 'nor'
(At least this is how I pronounce it :) )


Yes, that's right. But remember that the "B" sound like in English "B" is only when you have a "B" or a "V" letter before "M" and "N" or at the start of the phrase, or word (if there's a pause). When there is "MB"/"MV" or "NV" they pronounce it as "MB". And in the other cases it's something between "B" and "V" - they pronounce it without closing completely their lips (like in this phrase: "muy bien" - it's not like the English "B", it's without touching your lips completely). But in some countries of Latin America, people usually pronounce the "V" as clear "V" like in English.

For more info, watch this video of a Colombian teacher of Spanish - Catalina Moreno: https://youtu.be/pI3dO0GID2E


Such a great video, thoughtful and entertaining! Here's a lingot as thanks.

However, there was no mention of those countries where "V" is pronounced like in English. Where can I learn more about that?


I've never heard of a vegetarian cat, but know I know how to say "the vegetarian cat" in Spanish. Just sayin'.


Btw, don't do this at home.


I hear 'vegetajano' j as in January.


El gato estaría muerto. Los gatos son carnívoros obligados.


This is nitpicky, but I suggest sentences that violate medical fact not be included. There's a difference between friendly nonsense, and accidentally causing people to think cats can be vegetarian. (Cats are obligate carnivores, and many owners who try to give their cats a vegetarian or vegan diet end up killing them.) I'd appreciate seeing this sentence removed.


Cats cannot be vegetarian.


Why is "The cat is vegetarian." incorrect.


Because the sentence is "the vegetarian cat"


The Spanish version has no verb in it. There is not a word for "is".


didnt know a cat could be vegan?


They can't. Cats are obligate carnivores. They must eat meat or die.

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