"Nosotros fuimos los jefes de esta oficina."

Translation:We were the bosses of this office.

5 months ago



In the dictation version, the slow sentence uses a different verb. Reported July 2, 2018

5 months ago


Why not in this office ? as in Peter is the best player in the wordl Pedro es el mujor jugador del mundo

4 months ago


In the slow playback she says fueron in the fast fuimos .

2 months ago


Why is the preterite used here?. 'were' and 'used to be' sentences use the imperfect tense, 'éramos'. Perhaps they were the bosses for just one day??

4 months ago


Duo called me wrong because I used manager(s) instead of manager. Biggest screw-up I've endured in quite a while. WE cannot be THE MANAGER. (The problem was on the correct answer on the exercise. It doesn't appear here.

3 months ago
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