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After 1 year of learning German I took a test and got amazing results.

Tl;dr I got 4 years of High School Credit and a Seal of Bi-literacy after 1 year of study and I am posting this as an attempt to celebrate and be proud of my score :)

About a year ago I learned that I will need 2 years of Foreign Language to graduate high school. I was really upset about this since my school only has Spanish and Japanese which are two languages I wasn't interested in learning. After being really upset about I decided I would just go on Duolingo and start learning German, a language which I was always slightly interested in. Once I started I didn't stop until I got about 100xp and I was having so much fun. I continued this for about two weeks and decided that this is what I want to do. I then went to my counselor and asked what If there was any way I could do German as my foreign language credit and she said that our school offers a proficiency test to bi-lingual students so they can get credit without having to take foreign language classes. I decided that I was willing to do that. I then spent the next year studying with Duolingo, natives, music etc. When the time came I sat down and took the test for 5 short hours. The test basically tested me on reading, writing, listening and speaking. After two days of waiting I got an email from my counselor saying that the score I got on my proficiency test was a 6/7 where 4/7 meant 4 years of high school credit and 5/7 a seal of bi-literacy. I was thrilled. However sadly I have no friends who ever sempt to care about me learning German so I haven't really been able to celebrate with anyone so that is why I am sharing to your Duolingo. Thank you so much for reading.

June 2, 2018



Right after after posting this waits anxiously for a comment I'm gonna go to bed but thanks for reading this if anyone did. I've been waiting to tell someone for so long :p


Das ist eine fantastische Leistung, auf die Du sehr stolz sein kannst! Ich freue mich sehr, dass Du die deutsche Sprache als Weg für Dich entdeckt hast.

Sehr gut gemacht! Herzlichen Glückwunsch - nun solltest Du wirklich ein bisschen feiern!


Danke sehr!


Awesome job, one year is pretty short time to get proficient! What would you say was the most help for you?

I'm about 16 days into learning German, and have decided that I'm going to stick to it. My motivation is really nothing more than wanting to pickup a second language, and it helps that my job pays more for someone who is bi-lingual.


The most helpful thing for me is definitely speaking with myself and speaking with natives. I made a pack about 4 months ago that I should only talk to myself In German and it helped a lot with getting the language into my brain so I could passively use it.

I also think maybe watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0Delsxdc-c&t=55s

It's been awhile since I watched it but I think it has some pretty good points. I do bring this video to you since learning a language for business purposes has not always been effective in my opinion, however I have seen other wise. Just maybe take into consideration learning more about German culture and German benefits to find a stronger motivation. A strong one for me is I always wanted to be more 'German.'


Good for you! I admire your tenacity and commitment!




Congratulations on your accomplishment. It goes to show you that a motivated learner finds a way to learn what they are interested in. And although Duolingo alone will not make you proficient in a language, it is a great start for understanding basic grammar and building a vocabulary. Finding people to talk to and listen to will accelerate your fluency greatly.


Yes, very well said. I do however want to add this: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/Grammatik.html This will give you a solid grasp on grammar and expand it to an advanced level :)

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