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After 1 year of learning German I took a test and got amazing results.

Tl;dr I got 4 years of High School Credit and a Seal of Bi-literacy after 1 year of study and I am posting this as an attempt to celebrate and be proud of my score :)

About a year ago I learned that I will need 2 years of Foreign Language to graduate high school. I was really upset about this since my school only has Spanish and Japanese which are two languages I wasn't interested in learning. After being really upset about I decided I would just go on Duolingo and start learning German, a language which I was always slightly interested in. Once I started I didn't stop until I got about 100xp and I was having so much fun. I continued this for about two weeks and decided that this is what I want to do. I then went to my counselor and asked what If there was any way I could do German as my foreign language credit and she said that our school offers a proficiency test to bi-lingual students so they can get credit without having to take foreign language classes. I decided that I was willing to do that. I then spent the next year studying with Duolingo, natives, music etc. When the time came I sat down and took the test for 5 short hours. The test basically tested me on reading, writing, listening and speaking. After two days of waiting I got an email from my counselor saying that the score I got on my proficiency test was a 6/7 where 4/7 meant 4 years of high school credit and 5/7 a seal of bi-literacy. I was thrilled. However sadly I have no friends who ever sempt to care about me learning German so I haven't really been able to celebrate with anyone so that is why I am sharing to your Duolingo. Thank you so much for reading.

June 2, 2018



Right after after posting this waits anxiously for a comment I'm gonna go to bed but thanks for reading this if anyone did. I've been waiting to tell someone for so long :p


Das ist eine fantastische Leistung, auf die Du sehr stolz sein kannst! Ich freue mich sehr, dass Du die deutsche Sprache als Weg für Dich entdeckt hast.

Sehr gut gemacht! Herzlichen Glückwunsch - nun solltest Du wirklich ein bisschen feiern!


Danke sehr!


Awesome job, one year is pretty short time to get proficient! What would you say was the most help for you?

I'm about 16 days into learning German, and have decided that I'm going to stick to it. My motivation is really nothing more than wanting to pickup a second language, and it helps that my job pays more for someone who is bi-lingual.


The most helpful thing for me is definitely speaking with myself and speaking with natives. I made a pack about 4 months ago that I should only talk to myself In German and it helped a lot with getting the language into my brain so I could passively use it.

I also think maybe watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0Delsxdc-c&t=55s

It's been awhile since I watched it but I think it has some pretty good points. I do bring this video to you since learning a language for business purposes has not always been effective in my opinion, however I have seen other wise. Just maybe take into consideration learning more about German culture and German benefits to find a stronger motivation. A strong one for me is I always wanted to be more 'German.'

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Good for you! I admire your tenacity and commitment!




Congratulations on your accomplishment. It goes to show you that a motivated learner finds a way to learn what they are interested in. And although Duolingo alone will not make you proficient in a language, it is a great start for understanding basic grammar and building a vocabulary. Finding people to talk to and listen to will accelerate your fluency greatly.


Yes, very well said. I do however want to add this: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/Grammatik.html This will give you a solid grasp on grammar and expand it to an advanced level :)


aw congratulations! its inspire me so much!


Aw! You inspired me back!


Congratulations! You learned a lot in a year. I'd love to hear more details about how you did it. I'm finding German difficult and am planning to sign up for a class to help me.


Ah yes. I feel I never had a daily routine and mostly just made sure I used the language a lot everyday. I did find watching youtube in German was very helpful. (I do recommend going into this slowly, for example the channel Easy German is really good for people new to listening) I also used Wikipedia and this: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/Grammatik.html for grammar along with the youtube channels: LearnGermanWithJenny and Learn German with Ania. I also chatted with Germans daily on HelloTalk and Discord. Those are some of the things I use the most.


About joining a class I recommend just taking note of how your English/Grammar class works for you. Do you find that learning the vocab in the class is helpful and easy? Do you find that the writing in the class makes you a better writer? Just answer questions like these and make your assessment from there :)


That's fantastic! I am so excited when people share these kinds of stories. Congratulations and thank you for telling us! :D


Thank you this means so much! It also feels really great to be recognized by a mod!


This is great! As a college counselor for high school students, I must say that I am very impressed and that colleges should appreciate your tenacity as well.


Thank you and that is also really nice to hear. I'm only a Freshman but I'm constantly worried about which college I want and if they will even accept me so it's nice to know I at least have some things on my belt.


Well done Drew Bland, your achievement in the proficiency test is quite something! I doubt if I would get anywhere near that level after three years of study, mostly using Duolingo.

However I wonder to what extent you give Duolingo the credit for this. Looking at your progress chart https://duome.eu/DREWBLAND/progress you have only completed 67 of the 121 skills and gained just 3158 XP points in German so far.

Am I right in thinking that most of your learning has been through other methods?


Hello! You fairly right. did use Duolingo only for about the first 4months of my learning and I did it on this account: https://duome.eu/drewpolyglot/progress (I ended up switching to this one when the update happened since the layout I had that account at just wasn't working with the update. I did never finish the tree but I got closer than this account.) Then I started chatting with natives, reading stories with Readlang, and listening to music as well as translating a lot of things for the fun of it :)


Even though I think I said thank you to all of you guys indivisually I wanted to say it again. It makes me so happy to see so many nice comments and to hear all the congratulations make me feel really accomplished!

P.S Sorry I took a day to respond. Right after I posted this I went to bed and woke up at 5 to go to an all day field trip and I didn't see these comments til 10 at night that day but it was really nice surprise before bed.


A HUGE motivational story, Congratulation!


Congratulations, so did you do 100xp a day?


One time I got 330xp in a day, I was SO happy.


At the very beginning yes, but once I got on my own study methods I did like 10-50 and then I just stopped doing it besides rare days.


I decided not to post something embarrassing.

Proud of you, Drew.


Don't know how you did it Hannah, but I am still embarassed ;)


That is awesome!!! congrats!!!


Thank you so much!


Congratulations!! I'm hoping to be able to do something similar with testing out of college classes eventually.


Ah, yes that can be very challening. I recommend looking at some German College Textbooks to find out what you need to know to test out, here is a folder with some. I did use Colloquial German and others in this folder. https://mega.nz/#F!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A!ItEgnZKb


That's great, congrats!


That. Is. Freaking. Amazing! You are now my role model. My school doesn't offer German, either. It stinks :(

You are such an inspiring person. Thank you so so so so much for sharing this with everyone. Keep it up!


Thank you so much for saying that! Makes feel so accomplished!! :)


That is so awesome! What an accomplishment. Nothing you can't do if you set your mind to it. Herzliche Glückwünsche!


Das stimmt sehr! Danke!


I am also impressed you are at level 11 in German, and although I am now at level 19, I know I would not do as well on a proficiency test as you. Way to go.


Yeah, I am a bit ashamed of my level, this is however in fact my second account but my other one is only level 17. I just never found Duolingo to fit my learning style.


Congratulations! That's very good! Keep it up!


Thank you so much!


Congratulations! It really is a wonderful and interesting language to learn (:



I'm interested in taking it as well. Can you tell me what each of the test sections were like?


Speaking: You are given a prompt in English and then you have to speak about it in German. One of my was 'How have aeroplanes in our economy over the past century made changes to how our economy works.'

Writing: Again you are given a prompt and must write about it in German. One I got was 'A group of friends are going on a foreign exchange trip for the next week. Write a story about their adventures. These friends also have no awareness of the culture they are going into. Write about how this affects their trip.

Listening: An audio would play and you would have 4 options that answer a statement/question related to the audio.

Reading: You'd be given a type of article and you would need to read it and pick an option out of 4 on a question/statement about the article.

Here is a practice quiz https://avantassessment.com/stamp4s


That's great, I'm almost at that stage. I'm the top in my classroom for learning German


Thank you and also good luck!


Congratulations! Hard work and dedication always pays off!


Thank you!!


That is do terrific! Congratulations! Great job!


Congratulations on your achievement...Great feeling.....


Congratulations!! It is really motivating, to know that Duolingo has a practical application.

Education is expensive, yet here we are sharing a working language tool that costs us nothing more than the time we invest in it.


Just to avoid disappointment: DREWBLAND, who we are celebrating here, did a lot more than Duolingo

I then spent the next year studying with Duolingo, natives, music etc.

Duolingo provides us with a basis, but it alone will not be sufficient to reach a 6/7 assessment as described in the starting post.


Yes, just adding to Heike I did use a lot of other methods and Duoling does provide a solid base it just was never my style of learning :)


thats amazing i started using this website so i can learn Spanish sense my teacher doesn't really teach at all and now i'm trying to learn German too i hope i can do as good as you its really cool what you did congrats


Advice I give to my friends who learn Spanish in school: Make sentences with the words and ask your teach to read them. Try to ask questions in Spanish to your teacher privately, they shouldn't be judgy and maybe will appreiciate the effort. Try associating pictures with the words, makes the word last longer. Also try learning on the outside with spanish music, there is tons of it and a lot of it is very good.




Congratulations, that is awesome! Your hard work paid off!


Congrats!! Great work!


Thank you, but I must say you have done quite a good about of work yourself!


Congratulations! Never stop studying! :-)


Same for your, I am really impressed with all of your languages!


That's amazing news!!! Well done!!! =D Can I ask, did you finish the tree? Your profile says level 11 so you must have spent most of the time outside of Duolingo learning, right? Did you use other apps etc? I would love to get to that level in one year!


I did not finish the tree on this account of my other one: https://duome.eu/drewpolyglot/progress I did spend most of my time outside of Duolingo just chatting on HelloTalk or Discord, this was fun and I was learning without having to feel like it. I use this website: https://lyricstranslate.com/ a lot too, it really helped me think like a German since I was seeing German thought patterns get put into English and vice versa.


Congratulations, keep up the self-motivation and learning, and you will do very well in life.


One can only hope :) Thank you!!


That's great! Good job. I like learning German too :)


Thank you!! That's also really good to hear, I hope you takes you far!


Well done! Pat yourself on the back!


Thank you and will do!


Congratulations with that!


This is the coolest thing! Congratulations and keep it up :)


Thank you! It's really nice to see recognition from someone as involved as you!


Sehr beeindruckend! Herzliche Glückwünsche!!


Danke danke! Dein Streak ist auch sehr beeindruckend!


Wow, good job! Mind sharing the materials you used to study?


Hi! I have shared the materials in some other questions but here a few: https://lyricstranslate.com/, HelloTalk, Discord, https://mega.nz/#F!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A, http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/Grammatik.html, Youtube


Thank you, keep up the good work

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Good for you! Here's a pat on the back and enough lingots to push you past 50! :)


Thank you so much!!




Thank you!!!


Congratulations. I finished my high school years ago without really learning anything note-worthy as far as foreign languages are concerned (the rest of the school was actually quite good), although we had to take two languages. I did French and English and the result is that I understand French a little bit - and learned English on my own afterward. Sometimes it is the best way to go. At least one is motivated to learn the language when he needs to (which is why I am learning Polish now) instead of being forced to learn it. Good luck in your future efforts!


Thank you so much! Your English is also extremely good, I am very proud of you for learning so much!




Thank you! And Congratulations to you for almost 25 in 4 languages!


You have a good results!


du machst eine schöne Leistung. Herzlichen glück.


Herzliche Glückwünsche


Danke sehr :)


I just want to thank you, I been using Duolingo for about half a year as my School does not provide German as a language, and for the longest time I kept on thinking that no matter how long I practice, I'd never reach a proficiency in the language. But simply reading your experience with Duolingo has really reinforced my will to contnue trying. You sir or madam most certainly deserve a large quantity of Lingots.


This made my day :)


Congrats! Did you learn mostly with Duolingo or rather use textbooks or other sources, such as youtube/talking with natives?


I definitely learned outside of Duolingo but Duolingo is still great, just wasn't for me. I decided to use flash cards instead of what Duolingo does.


The Tiny flash cards are helpful with the Der, Die and Das.


Very inspirational and motivating! Congratulations


That's wonderful initiative, you should be really proud of yourself! :)


you have done an amazing thing! Keep it up!


Thank you! Getting level 25 in German is also amazing, good job!


GReat! Congrasts!

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