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"Tienes demasiados libros en la estantería."

Translation:You have too many books on the bookshelf.

June 2, 2018



I was marked wrong because I used shelf instead of bookshelf. Why?


both should be accepted.


Reported 06/12/2018


I did the same thing. I think "shelf" should be accepted. Check out examples lower down on this page: http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/estanter%C3%ADa


Shelf is a better answer than bookshelf because most English speakers try to avoid redundancy.


A shelf and a bookshelf are two different things. As a native English speaker, what you said is incorrect.


I'm also a native English speaker. I wrote shelf, even while understanding that un estante is a single shelf and una estantería is a unit containing multiple shelves. To me, it's valid English to shorten bookshelf to shelf. (I also work in a library and we talk about books and their location nonstop.)


To say that there are too many books in abookshelf does not imply that there are too many books on any particular shelf. The difference is valid and real.


a bookshelf is a shelf. and if it is a shelf that yoiu are placing books then all the better


I too am a native English speaker and to me they are the same. I said "shelf" which is what my Spanish dictionary translated estantería as.


Lingot for you for paradigm breaking . Another option was bookcase that worked also. We're talking about books not trophies, toys or dvd's.


I did the same and reported it Jan 6 2019


you have too many books IN the bookshelf should be accepted. Reported 6/25/18.


"in the bookcase" is accepted July 2018.


Not accepted, November 2018.


Yes, also accepted for me in August 2018.


Not accepted 4/10/19


really? not in my case. April 2019


I have just written "in the bookshelf" and it was NOT acccepted!


wasn't for me either.


Not accepted for me.


By definition, a shelf is one horizontal board attached to a wall, and "shelves" are a number of boards attached to a wall. Thus, a "bookshelf" is a shelf that a person puts his or her books "on." If say that you put your books "in" a wooden shelf, you are saying that your books are embedded in the wood. (Of course, it goes without saying that shelves can be made of other materials besides wood.) The correct preposition to use when speaking of "bookshelves" is usually "on/on top of/sobre."

Bookshelves and bookcases both can be built in, but only bookcases can be stand-alone pieces of furniture that, by definition, must have tops, sides, and bottoms, with backs being optional. Sometimes, people take freestanding bookcases and mount them on the wall with brackets. Whether a bookcase is freestanding or mounted you put a book "into" a bookcase because bookcases have a top and sides. With the word "bookcase," the correct prepositions to use are "in/into/within/inside/adentro/dentro."


Agree. I can't say that I have heard people say they have books 'in' a bookSHELF. I would say, and mostly that I can recall hear people say, 'on' a bookshelf. The same that something is on a shelf not in it. Yes, in theory you could say it, but conversationally I don't hear that.


Another, I agree. IN should be accepted


A shelf or shelves can be attached to a wall OR part of a bookcase. Books are on a shelf, on the shelves, or in a bookcase.


as a native English speaker I would always say that things, books or whatever, go on to a shelf, not in it.


I hope "in the bookshelf" is never accepted, because despite the apparent desire for it in some comments here, that's not Standard English. "On the bookshelf/on the shelf/in the bookcase" are all good.


What is your definition of "standard English"? "In the bookshelf" is certainly a normal way to say it where I grew up (southwest United States).


Not accepted. 5/11/2019.


"in the bookshelf" still not accepted 3/18/19


Hay nunca demasiados libros en la estantería.


I agree with your sentiment!
Nunca hay demasiados libros en la estantería.


I would probably use 'ON the bookshelf' or 'IN the bookcase'.


It did not accept in the bookshelf today 9/12


Bookcase is also a goed translation


There is no such thing as too many books, just too small a bookshelf/bookcase!


I was penalized because I used the word ''shelf'' singular and not shelves'' plural!


That's because "estantería " refers to a piece of furniture that contains shelves. It's really not a single shelf. In English, I suppose some people refer to a bookcase or shelving as a bookshelf, but a bookshelf still sounds like a single shelf to me. In any case, the Spanish word is not used to describe a single shelf.


To me who knows nothing..i think estanteria is a bookcase and books go "in" a bookcase. If they wanted to refer to books placed on top of the bookcase then the word should be "sobre" to avoid ambiguity.


When I google "estanteria" it shows what I call a bookcase- several shelves for books in a single piece of furniture. I translated it "you have two many books in the bookcase" which was not accepted. Oh well!


Barring any other errors (for example, using "two" in place of "too"), that should absolutely be accepted.


"You have too many books on the shelving" marked incorrect. Stated correct was "shelving unit". Please help me understand where "unit" is implied.


What it shows you are options for translations that may or may not be correct. I believe what it was looking for is bookshelf or bookcase.


When I think of bookshelf I equate that as bookcase, so I think "IN the bookshelf" could be warranted here. I would use "on" in the case of just a shelf by itself.


could I have said "You have too many books on your bookshelf?"


When we are talking about ''books'' the word ''shelf'' should have been accepted and not only ''bookshelf''!


From SpanishDict


NOUN 1. (storage space) a. el estante You have a shelf full of dolls. - Tienes un estante lleno de muñecas. You will find the book on the shelf. - Encontrarás el libro en el estante. b. la repisa My grandpa had shelves and shelves of tools in his garage. - Mi abuelo tenía muchas repisas de herramientas en su garaje. c. la balda The cat knocked the vase off the shelf. - El gato tiró la jarra de la balda. 2. (geology) a. la plataforma There is an underwater shelf that extends some 85 miles from the coast. - Hay una plataforma submarina que se extiende unas 85 millas de la costa.


in and on are both used in this situation. On a shelf, in a bookcase but used interchangeably


I like that Duo is specific and particular, but marking me wrong for "in" instead of "on" is borderline ridiculous! "You have too many books in the bookshelf." Marked Wrong.


The only time there are too many books on the bookcase is when it breadks under the weight of the books! In which case, you needed a new one anyway! ;•)


...said no parent ever


Any tips to remember "estanteria"?


In the bookshelf is just as accurate as on the bookshelf and both should be accepted.


3 of 4 dictionaries translate this to shelf, not bookshelf. Reported 2/25/2019


Wow. This sentence seems to have hit a nerve. Could it be that we are sensitive about having too many books?


Please accept "in" the bookshelf. Native Englsih speakers know intuitively when to use "on" (to of bookshelf) and when to use "in" (one of the interior shelves of a bookshelf).


"You have too many books in the bookshelf." marked as wrong.

Duolingo, please stop trying to teach me English, and teach em Spanish instead. If I set something on top of a low bookcase, I would use 'on'. However, if I'm talking about the whole item as a container for books, I would say that there are lots of books in the bookcase.


The answer can be bookshelf or shelf. Estanteria is singular


I don't think "shelf" is a good translation, since "estantería" is something composed of or containing shelves. The concept is singular, whether referring to shelving or a bookcase. However, it is generally not a single shelf. That would be "estante."


According to SpanishDict estantería translates to a) shelving, b) shelves (plural), c) bookcase or d) bookshelves (plural). See http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/estantería I have reported it.


You have too many books on the shelf. <-why was this wrong?


Tienes demasiados libros en la estantería.

My translation "You have too many books on the shelf." was marked incorrect because: You used the singular "shelf" here, instead of the plural "shelves". However, the correct solution offered is also in the singular!! "You have too many books on the bookshelf."


"la" cannot be heard in the original sentence


Useless to repeat" book"... it's obviously a " bookshelf" if you put books on it ...so I think its enough to write " shelf"


Both should be accepted.


shelf should be accepted for "la estanteria" it is clearly not plural


And just as clearly "estanteria " doesn't mean "shelf."


"do you have too many books in the bookcase" not accepted. Reported.


That is a question. This was a statement.


Not accepted because it's incorrect. The sentence given is not a question.


Not in this country.


07/17/18. 為什麼 你 寫 "力"? 這 是 西班牙語!

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