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Spanish //Beginners

Hello. This is my first discussion post. I am going to a school which teaches Spanish. a language I know nothing of. i have passed the first group of skills and already I am feeling confident. I practice each skill up to Crown level 2 so I am prepped good. I love the awards you earn too. Hats off to Duolingo. An exceptional site.

Learning a new language. You`re in luck!

Please comment on how you are finding Duolingo and any worries or concerns about it. You can press help or reply to me. /

June 2, 2018



Plus your English is good. Have fun with DL and your new Spanish classes. Enjoy a Lingot.


I feel like Duolingo has really helped me feel confident in my language learning.


I know. I used to use Babble, but I have found Duolingo much more effective.


Hello 0Scarlett1,

First off, good luck with your educational goals. Duolingo should be an excellent supplement to your classes in school.

Second, the fact that Duolingo has made a tremendous differences in my speaking and read. As I, tend to move slow (like a sloth) regardless if the question has an speaking component or not. I will speak each sentence.

¬°Buena suerte, con sus estudios!


:) Thanks for commenting. I would do a smiley face but I am typing on my computer!

[deactivated user]

    I love being able to dabble in or excel in a new language as I see fit without losing any money. On the languages I continue, like Spanish, French, Italian, and German, I will buy books and consume large amounts of media in those languages once I've gone to a certain point in each tree.


    Totally agree. As a student, I love that it is free!

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