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  5. "¿Eres mexicana?"

"¿Eres mexicana?"

Translation:Are you Mexican?

June 2, 2018



I am having a hard time distinguishing between el es and eres when she speaks...lordy


Yes, sometimes it is hard to hear it correctly, especially when you're untrained. But the grammar is here to help you out: If it were "Él es", then we would be talking about "he" (a dude), so the last word would have to end with "-o", not "-a" (Méxicano). Since it ends with "-a", you can notice that something is wrong here, and try the other possibility: "¿Eres méxicana?". And this one turns out to be grammatically correct, so this is the right choice ;)


I realized that it couldn't be "he is" "él es", so my brain decided it was "Elle es", as in a female name. Sigh. Guess in real life there's more opportunity for context and asking questions


Thank you for this! Makes great sense.


We cannot fix the oops i got it wrong senerio. We just go to death loosing hearts.


me too! I listened to it fast and slow and heard el es both times!


Yeah the slow down doesnt work on this question for some reason. It was the same speed both ways for me.


Would not play slow for me this has happened several times.


Same here 10-10-20. Clearly heard el es


I heard El es Mexicana. I slowed it down multiple times and it still sounded like that


and once again I got it wrong because I heard it wrong


Also when he speaks! Does anyone ever proof these for understanding? I bet I listened 6 times -and the snail/slow would not work. It sounded like "Él es" every time. And, I thought about it too because I know that Mexicana isnt correct. It should be Mexicano. Butnever do you here "Eres"!


I too have s difficult time.


it is the same with one of the male voices, it's really irritating because I have never heard anyone say 'eres' and have it sound like 'el es' L's and R's have a quite a different sound. That said however if you are able to slow down the recording then it does sound correct. But I still feel like reporting it as 'audio doesn't sound right."


Are 'mexicano/a' and 'mejicano/a' from different Spanish speaking countries? Which one do the Spaniards say? Thanks


Spaniards write it with j. Elsewhere this is considered a mistake. Also the pronunciation from the bot is wrong - it should sound with a j.


How strange that Duolingo could get an across-the-board incorrect pronunciation of Mexicana for their sample. This could prove confusing for new students of Spanish.


There's a city in El Salvador that is called "Mejicanos" :) I lived there :-P


Personally, I've never heard anyone besides non-native or people who don't have Spanish as a mother language say Mexico with the 'X' because in spanish the x turns into a soft "j" in some cases (Mexico is one of them) for example "Xavier" isn't 'Exavier" it's "Javier"


In Mexico and most Latin American countries, they spell it "México." In Spain, however, "Méjico" is also an acceptable (and common) spelling.

[deactivated user]

    The word must be written with an "x", and pronounced as if "j". The "ks" pronounciation comes from the englishpeakers. So, written "mexicano" sounds /mejikáno/


    She seems to use both forms in these lessons, which is a surprise. I’ve been dropping in on Duolingo for a couple of years, and this is the first week I have heard this pronunciation used.


    La palabra Mexico y variantes la "x" se pronuncia como "j".


    Do i say hahaha jajaja or xaxaxa? Geting confusing!


    ?sounds like el es not eres


    Another Duo voice that will not go slow. Full speed with both buttons.


    Why is there so much about Mexico and Cuba? I want to go to Spain and speak Spanish.....


    I think because the Spanish taught here is the Latin American dialect and not Castilian.

    [deactivated user]

      The country with the most native spanishpeakers is Mexico, and the second one, the US.


      Im having the same problem. I had the male tone and it was fast, so I tried to use the option that is suppose to slow it down, to me it seemed faster.


      Duolingo is pronouning wrong México, mexicano and mexicana.


      Sure sounded like he said "El es"


      It sounds like El es


      Both pronunciations are at the same speed and difficult to distinguish eres


      This is the second time I've had a "slow" version just replay the fast version. I thought it might be "Ella es", I would not have guessed "Eres" - it sounded more like an "L" than an "R" to me. I reported "the audio does not sound correct", should I report "something else" as well, when the slow version is missing?


      The voice is not at all clear between Eres and El es. Impossible to distinguish.


      I have trouble differentiating "eres" and "él es" in audio.


      The ending on the last word is the hint, because only one of these two options would be grammatically correct with that ending.


      How do you tell when a country is feminine or masculine? Meaning Spain and Mexico in spanish end with an a which means feminine, I believe, but do you just have to memorize which country is masculine or feminine, or is there a way to tell, such as by the main language spoken in each country?


      Sounds like el es- spoken too quickly


      Tje slow version was the same speed as the fast version


      Heard "El es mexicana", due to the gender conflict i assumed i had misheard and so i said "Ella es mexicana" Duolingo marked me as correct. Seems like voice recognition between Eres, el es, and even ella es is a bit janky.


      She said "Eres mexicana" and I translated it to you are mexican. This was wrong according to Duolingo, the right answer was "are you mexican?". But I think my translation is correct too.


      Maybe yours was marked incorrect because it was presented in the form of a question and yours could be taken as a statement.


      There's a difference between a question and a statement, you know?


      I keep hearing this as "El es mexicana?" Got me confused for so many times lol


      why is it not eres tu mexicana?


      How do you say Arab, Syrian, and Palestinian in Spanish?


      Is eres mexicano also correct? How?


      Mexicano - male. Mexicana - female


      Is ¿Eres Méxicana? correct? or do we use -o for the eres form?


      I spent an hour listening to it but it's so hard when you make the slow speaker as fast as the normal one. Why do you do that?


      We need subscripting


      No slow option working. Because he clearly said Mexicana, I put ella es, not eres. It was too hard to hear.


      Oh it is so irritating when both audio buttons play the sentence at full speed


      I heard el es mexicana so i answered ella es mexicana. - wrong


      So, when it uses mexicana, is that just the word it uses for the tu form, or would that make the you person a female?

      <pre> It is "mexicana" because the person in question is female. If it were a male the question would be, "¿Eres mexicano?". Adjectives do not change gender (from o to a) because of the subject pronoun. If someone asked an unfamiliar female coworker if they were Mexican, for example, the question would be, "¿Es usted mexicana?", "Es mexicana usted?", or (not grammatically correct technically but very common to hear it said this way) "Usted es mexicana?". So as you can see, it does not depend on whether the pronoun is tú or usted, it is "mexicana" because the person in question is female. </pre>


      It would have to be Ella es mexicana for female. That is the clue, but as a beginner, why would you know this? I have stumbled over this EVERY time. I REALLY think Duo needs to fix it.


      How do you say african-american in spanish


      The official term for that would be “afroamericano”, but I must say that’s not a very commonly used word. Partially because the odds are if they’re a Black person who speaks Spanish they’re not African American— but Afro Panamanian, or Afro Cuban, etc. Also because typically if native Spanish speakers are identifying a person who maybe is African American they’d likely just say Black or some form of it in Spanish. Ex, “Conoces a la nueva mujer negra?” or “Conoces a la nueva mujer morena?”


      when you say sounds like j do you mean english j or h


      Why is it Mexicana and not Mexicano ? Is it because I'm addressing a woman.


      Yes. They are asking a Mexican girl/woman.


      I thought you needed the "tú" in the question in order to ask it this way? You did when asking about if someone if they had something: "Tú tienes un gato?" Am I wrong, or just mixed up?


      The personal pronouns are optional, because the information about the person is already supplied by the form of the verb. "Eres" is the second person, so it implies "you". Adding "Tú" is like an emphasis, as in "Are YOU Mexican?" (when you point your finger at a person, one out of many)


      If we're talking about nationality, do we always leave out the accent in the country name? (México vs. mexicano) Also, is nationality always in lower case?

      [deactivated user]

        That's not the point. The accent in "México" marks the stressed proparoxitone sylable. "Mexicano" carries the stress on the penultimate sylable and doesn't need it.




        So why there's no accent mark on "e" in "mujer"? (The last syllable is accented instead of the default penultimate one.) And similarly "hotel", "favor" ("perdón" does have it), "pagar", and many more?


        So not "¿Eres tú mexicana?"

        [deactivated user]

          Not wrong, but we Spanish speakers do not feel the need for "tú" in there.


          hard to hear Mexicana sounds like Mexicano


          Are the following equivalent and acceptable? And is "¿Eres mexicana?" generally the most natural form of the three?

          ¿Eres mexicana? ¿Tu eres mexicana? ¿Eres tu mexicana?


          Remember about the accent mark on "Tú"! Without it, it means "your", not "you"!


          Would "Are you a Mexican airlines?" be correct to?


          Where did you get the "airlines" from? It wasn't there in the original question :q


          what is the proper pronunciation of méxicana: méxicano or méxico


          Why is it mexicana and not mexicano?


          No slow play, it doesnt work. Cant distinguish what is being said on normal fast speed


          I put "ella es Mexicana " but I was in an airport ,in a quiet area I may have heard it as eres


          So, I heard "mexicanA" so presumed "feminine" and went "Ella es mexicana". Didn't help that the slow audio was the exact same speed as the fast :-(


          There was no slow version


          Terrible audio! Sounded like el es mexicana - which I know is wrong. I try ella es mexicana only to find it's eres. Never heard the 'r' sound. I guess you get what you pay for


          Who on earth is saying the phrases now


          Slow button is broken. I had no idea what the voice was saying


          Repeat slow didnt work. Too fast on certain words to clearly understand without slow.


          El es should also be right because el es and eres both are same


          1/9/2021 New learner here. Why is "Is she Mexican?" not an acceptable answer when it's using "mexicana", it's talking about a female right?


          It spedeed the sentence even on turtle mode. I could not understand it


          This exercise would not pronounce slow both spoke normal speed. This has happened several times.


          There no difference in speed between speaker options this has happened several times.


          I did not have the slower choice. I heard ella


          Slow version is fast


          the fast and the slow are the same speed. so when I heard it, it sounded like who knows, I didn't


          Spoken so fadt and didnt slow down eith tbe slower button so un fair


          When should i put "tu" bcs sometimes if its questioning "are you" there is no "tu"eres


          Please enable turtle mode. Its really hard to distinguish between el es vs eres


          The turtle didn't work. Both were fast. But i still got it right.


          The turtle didn't work. It seems since i upgraded , some features don't work


          No slow version? Very hard to understand


          Sounds like El es mexicano, Instead of eres mexicano


          It would be a great help learning Spanish; if the speakers would speak clearly. Are they here to help us learn or to try to trick us?


          It is clearly a man speaking.


          The speaker has horrible enunciation skills. If you are trying to teach me, at least speak correctly!


          You say it too fast to be able to hear if it .el or eres and your slow version not working


          Couldnt get slow to work


          "Slow speaking" is not working. It is confusing: elle, es, eres. Sometimes sounds all the same...


          Agree! It's difficult to hear the enunciation of word endings. El es/ eres


          After I thought I had heard:"Eres americano?" in the previous lesson, I thought I heard this time:"Él es mexicana"?, which is actually impossible to say grammatically, isn't it.

          Was it : "Eres mexicana?"? Yes, it was!


          The slow speed is exactly the same!


          Hard to understand !


          Can't hear properly what they are saying. It's distorted.


          Can't hear properly what they are saying. It's distorted.


          Can't hear properly what they are saying. It's distorted.


          When I will use "es" and "eres"? I don't understand


          Slow version didnt work, it was just as fast. Plesse fix ur app


          Tiffany886211 I had the same problem so I decided it must be saying " ella" to go with "Mexicana" which, of course, turned out to be wrong. With so many people reporting this, why doesn’t Duo fix such an obvious mistake?


          When do you need to you the pronouns "yo", "tu", "es" In this case it was not used, only the correct verb tense?

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