How do I get out of this update and back to original Duolingo?

I am approaching my 3rd year of Duolingo for Italian. I had completed about 2/3 of the program by doing 3-4 lessons daily. Then.... I must have been offered an upgrade, I think, and hit it before I realized it. Now, I can literally spend over an hour and not get out of lesson. There are so many repetitions of the same phrase within the same lesson. Now there are 15-20 lessons to get to another level in the same category that I completed years ago. AND there are 2-4 of those to be completed for each category. For example, I completed Basics 1 three years ago and would occasionally have to do a lesson to get it orange again. I have done hours on it and can't get it orange. This would be ok for a beginner to help them better understand the basics of the language and verbs, pronouns, agreement, plurals, etc. But it is a huge step back for me. And my friends who have the same issue now. None of us use your app any more and were avid users of Duolingo daily or more than once a day. So, the big question is......How do I get original Duolingo back? I have not really used it in months, since the update. I would like to get back into my daily habit of doing and learning every day while seeing progress. There is no progress at all any more. And it is now a huge waste of my time. I used to recommend this to everyone, including my junior high students. Now I tell them to stay away from it. Just a waste of time and there must be better apps out there. Please change it back or tell me how I can do it and I will share that with my friends who also refuse to use it now. Ciao

June 2, 2018


totally agree. recent changes were demoralizing and seemed to not take the user experience into account.

June 4, 2018

Many experienced users of Duolingo are disappointed in this version of the "Crowns method".

Unfortunately, the "test out of individual skills" feature is not available in this version of the "crown method" for crown level 1, 2, 3 and 4.

In the mean time, follow Duolingo's advice in

you don’t have to get to Level 5 right away!
We in fact recommend you don’t get to Level 5 all in one go.
Level 5 is there to show that you have practiced the words in that skill a ton and probably don’t need further practice on it for quite a while. It’s completely optional. ....
We definitely think we can do a better job of encouraging you not to binge on one skill, .....

My personal favourite method:

  • only do lessons in skills with "crown level" 0 or 1

  • use the "skill decay" feature in
    Do only lessons in the skills that have lost their strength (75% or lower) in your unofficial progress page

  • If the App gives too easy exercises then switch to in the browser of your phone/tablet, because there you can choose to type every word instead of tapping on the predefined word banks.

June 2, 2018

I don't want to take a deep breath and a laugh, I want the old system back where one was rewarded for accuracy and wasn't forced to make ridiculous repetitions. I've almost given up and I enjoyed the previous 2 1/2 years. What a bloody shame and how unnecessary

June 4, 2018

Unfortunately, we only have two rights in Duolingo:
To start and to quit.

Fortunately, there is a workaround.
You can still use the "skill decay" method via your unofficial but very useful progress page in

June 5, 2018

For the old system (works only for Android) go to download Duolingo Version 3.57.0 (that's the last one before the crowns). Uninstall the one you have now before installing the downloaded. Sign in (allready have an account) change the settings if necessary and voila. Do not ever update it !!! Keep the download in case you update by mistake. Good luck

June 8, 2018

Here's my method:

Start at the top and go down. For every skill that is not yet gold, do one activity. Some skills will turn gold quickly, while others may take several weeks. But each one gets a little practice. Brag to my family when one turns gold.

Do an activity in each new skill. Do more than one if I don't learn anything that I didn't already know (like from other language programs or other exposure to the language).

Do a timed practice. This won't affect crown levels, but it will use skills and words I haven't had in a while (verified by checking duome before and after).

Do TinyCards if DuoLingo has made a set for the language. Use the barbells to gild any skills that are not still gold. Do as many sets in the new skill(s) as needed until it gives me a word I haven't yet learned in DuoLingo.

June 3, 2018
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