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"El gato limpió la cocina esta mañana."

Translation:The cat cleaned the kitchen this morning.

June 2, 2018



I need cats like that!


Me too, we don't have cats like these here in Africa


The cat cleaned the kitchen of all the meat, probably.


In Mexico, "gato" is slang for servant. So I guess this sentence makes perfect sense.


I wish my cat had cleaned my kitchen! When i asked him about it (in Spanish), he just gave me "that look."


How did that rascal get out of the fridge?


Thanks for making me fall out of my chair laughing. Have some Lingots!! :)


Some people are too critical. Don't forget, the goal is to learn Spanish.


Hmm what did the authors of this section smoke? I want some of those drugs as well lmao


I agree that they could use some real farm terms instead of this, but it isn't totally nonsense. This is called personification, and it's quite common in literature. I think that's what they were going for, the whole "Old Macdonald had a farm" thing. I wouldn't have called that section "farm", and I wouldn't have made a farm section all about personification and nursery rhyme, but that seems to be what they did.


I reckon these silly sentences are a good test of our confidence in translating.


Haha this exactly! I knew it was right and then I was like "nah, that cannot be it".


I have two cats and live in a Spanish country. I assure everyone there is absolutely no chance j will ever get to use this sentence haha


Wow my cat is useless!


I wish I had a cat like that!!

[deactivated user]

    If sentence has ayer I can place it at the begin. And Duolingo approve it. So, I cannot do this with "Esta mañana"?


    my cat did the same


    Hahaha! Nice one. :D


    When I first started Duolingo, two years ago, most sentences were just random combinations of words in a grammatical right order. I really hope I don't have to translate things like 'Soy un pato. Hablo inglés.' again. (My job application in Disneyworld was no success)


    I'd like a kitchen cleaning cat, although my dog does a good job of licking all the plates clean before I put them into the dishwasher and then picking up all the food that has dropped onto the kitchen floor, so I guess I don't need the cat after all.


    Esto no tiene sentido, porque los gatos son demasiado aristócratas para eso :)


    What is up with the sentences in this lesson? I mean, they are ridiculously funny, but... seriously, who is going to use these in real life?


    We are learning how to talk about things that happened in the past in Spanish.


    Why did the cat do so?

    [deactivated user]

      my cat can't stop meowing for even 5 minutes


      That cat is very talented.


      Oh dear, someone got into the medicine cabinet.


      Mine didn't.


      With all the animals cleaning stuff and the horse having a favorite movie, I'm starting to think this is a kid-friendly version of Animal Farm.


      lo siento, mis gatos cocinaron tus peces y despues los cominaron


      This is ridiculous! When is this going to be useful.


      If you replace the subject of this sentence (the cat) with something more mundane (my wife), you get a normal sentence. Duo is teaching us preterite (past simple). It is the tense we use when we tell stories and what happened earlier today/yesterday/a few years ago. Very useful stuff.


      I'm gonna tell your wife you called her mundane.


      I might be casually chauvinist, but that would make you truly malevolent.

      P.S. Due to Poe's law, I feel obligated to inform the reader that Don and I are being facetious. We have nothing but respect for each other and our (possibly nonexistent) spouses.

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