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"El gato limpió la cocina esta mañana."

Translation:The cat cleaned the kitchen this morning.

3 months ago



I need cats like that!

2 months ago


I agree that they could use some real farm terms instead of this, but it isn't totally nonsense. This is called personification, and it's quite common in literature. I think that's what they were going for, the whole "Old Macdonald had a farm" thing. I wouldn't have called that section "farm", and I wouldn't have made a farm section all about personification and nursery rhyme, but that seems to be what they did.

2 months ago


Don't think I'll be using that

3 months ago


I understand they want to show is the use of verbs and tenses etc. But come on. This whole Farm section is just an insult. There is fun and then there is pure boring nonsense! Give us some FARM related words. What is a piglet, how do you shear a sheep? They have millions of examples to work from.

3 months ago


The cat cleaned the kitchen of all the meat, probably.

3 weeks ago


Some people are too critical. Don't forget, the goal is to learn Spanish.

1 week ago


and this means what?

3 months ago