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"Opravdu kupuješ šestnáct let staré auto?"

Translation:Are you really buying a sixteen-year-old car?

June 2, 2018



Why is "Do you really buy a sixteen-year-old car?" wrong?


Thanks a lot, Endless_sleeper! I've got it. The action is temporary, so we can't use the present simple.


Unless somebody buys a sixteen-year-old car every time he or she buys a car.


Why is "sixteen-year-old" but not "16-year-old" accepted?


In my impression no Duolingo course accepts digits in the language studied (that would amount to cheating) but some courses accept them in the learner's language. The Czech course for English speakers does not seem to. I guess it's a philosophy.


Help please? How do you say this sentence for one-two-three-four year old car?

  • jeden rok staré auto
  • dva roky staré auto
  • tři roky staré auto
  • čtyři roky staré auto

Learner here, so if I made a mistake I suggest you reply directly to simeki, and I will then delete my answer.

Edit: The singular of léta (years) is léto but it means “summer;” I don't think one can use it with the meaning “year”. Rok is normally used for that.


Thank you! This is great! Would you do the same thing with "let" please?


With let you would start at "pět let staré auto". It is not normally used below.

You will ocasionally read "Trvá to tři léta." but for an age of a car it is really weird.


Wow! Good to know! Thank you!

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