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"One hundred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three."

Translation:Ciento uno, ciento dos, ciento tres.

June 2, 2018



For Duo, technically it is incorrect English to use "and" in those numbers. It should be: one hundred one, one hundred two,one hundred three, etc.


I am a a native English speaker and using the word and is perfectly acceptable. As an example, there is a Disney movie titled One Hundred And One Dalmatians.


It's true many English speakers use "and" where it's not needed. And for a movie title, the rhythm of "One Hundred and One" works better than the Standard English version used by people who work with numbers, i.e., "one hundred one." The difference is not a matter of right vs. wrong, but of Standard vs. colloquial. In formal writing and in a job interview, it's to a person's advantage to use Standard English. This is a great course, but the featured translations sometimes match Standard Spanish with Standard English and sometimes with colloquial English. It would be better if both Standard and colloquial English answers were accepted, but featured translations matched Standard with Standard. In Standard English, the word "and" is reserved for specifying the decimal point. For example, 101.1 is "one hundred one and one tenth."


The fact that Disney has used it incorrectly does not make it correct. This is a very common error, one that I had to deal with on an ongoing basis as a science teacher.


Disney is not an arbiter of good usage, so this argument doesn't wash. My sense is that Duo translations tend to be colloquial. What is in common usage isn't necessarily grammatically correct (at least not now, though maybe so in future).


It's not grammatically correct.


When Duo added the "and" I assumed that we were supposed to add the "and" in our translation. It would have been clearer to have dropped all of those "ands".


You are absolutely correct.


Why is ciento y uno syntax incorrect?


same reason one hundred and one is syntactically incorrect and states a break and shift to fractions ( one and a quarter, one and 5o thousandths


Saying "one hundred and one" is fine in lots of the English speaking world...


When you say its fine do you mean it's acceptable in every day conversation, or that it's correct? In USA English people will say "one hundred and one" and most people won't get corrected, but it's still incorrect.


Gosh. I have a PhD in Reading and Language Studies and I'm 78 years old (I assume still cognizant) and I've always said "one hundred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three." I may have learned something new today.


Mathematicians would never say "one hundred and one." But everyday conversation is not mathematics. "One hundred and one" isn't wrong; it's the colloquial version of "one hundred one."


i tried ciento y uno, ciento y dos, ciento y tres. Was marked wrong, but based on how they wrote it out in english this should have been accepted.


I got it wrong. For everyone's future edification, this is the correct answer: "Ciento 1 ciento dos, 103" as suggested by duolingo.



100 - Cien

101 - Ciento uno

102 - Ciento dos

103 - Ciento tres



I guess those work too.


Why is ciento un wrong?


I tried cien y uno, cien y dos, cien y tres...not accepted..oh well


Cien is just for one hundred. If there is anything more than that, it turns into ciento


Spanish is clearly different. Saying One hundred AND one is perfectly fine in British English

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