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Bonus Skill Idea: Proverbs/Sayings

I think a great bonus skill would be proverbs and sayings! Maybe even multiple bonus skills, as there are so many great proverbs and sayings.

June 2, 2018



There is one lesson containing some proverbs


I think in the lesson with title "Speech" if I remmeber correctly.


I just finally reached that level! I guess I jumped the gun in assuming there were none...


Haba na haba hujaza kibaba. pole pole ndiyo mwendo, haraka, haraka haina baraka


I had to look up "haba" in the Kamusi and then saw this saying, listed below at the "habari entry":

Habari mbaya zina mbawa, lakini habari njema hutembea kwa mikongojo

(nb: Mkongojo is a staff, walking stick; mbawa=wings)

...bad news has wings, but good news walks with crutches/walking sticks

It is like the English expression "bad news travels fast"--and reminds me also how we are quick to complain with all the small errors in the Swahili course, but really it is so helpful and a lot of it works well, and we've learned a lot through it, we just don't say so as quickly ;-)

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