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Levels in German tree

If a person started the German tree and completed the entire tree up to Level 5 on all skills, turning the tree gold, approximately what level of experience points would he or she be on by the end of the tree? I realize the top level is 25. I was wondering since the German tree is one of the longer trees how many experience points would be gained by the end of it.

June 2, 2018



Levels is a completely arbitrary system of gauging your progress. It only indicates how many points you have scored. You could, if you were insane, get to level 25 (30,000 points) by repeating the first skill over and over again. With the current crown levels system, starting from scratch, and JUST leveling up to level 5 on each skill, you will reach Level 25 well before reaching the end of the tree.

My recommendation to myself (not wanting to impose my method on anyone else) is to move through the tree from beginning to end, gradually building up levels, and getting back to old material from time to time, letting the colors wash down the tree slowly, alternating between the challenge of new material, and the reinforcement of the old.


Oh, thanks for let me know that the top level is 25. After I reach level 14, I found it very challenging to get to the next level since I need to get a lot of points!


There is an indication in your PROFILE (a drop-down menu available under your user name at the top of the web-page) of how many points it will take you to reach the next level in each language.

Good luck!

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