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Insane level of glitching out on microphone

[deactivated user]

    I am on Torch browser, which is chrome based but not totally the same. The moment I hit the record button it stops recording and tells me that I did it wrong. This robbed me of all three hearts then ended me. This was in the German course, foods 1. First lesson. I love Duo, but that drove me up the wall faster than much else has.

    April 26, 2014



    I've reached a point where I'll use the microphone exercises on the app, but not on the computer, as even in Chrome the mic was glitchy as (and finicky, too).


    I have noticed that the talking exercises way too often stop to function at the web site. I have all the proper settings and a good microphone for my computer, but all of a sudden the recording do not work. The visual tells me that it hears me, but it does not let me verify. The only solution is to disable the microphone which is a pity - I do want to practise my speaking skills too! I use Firefox.


    Similar problem here. I record the whole phrase, click "stop" -- and then nothing happens. The "continue" button does not work, and I am not told if my recording was correct or not. The keyboard is not locked, because I can go to other sections, but as soon as I do that, of course I lose credit for everything I've already done. I use internet explorer (I'm old fashioned, I guess!) and have windows 7. I read in the comments that I have to enable the flash player, which I've done... Please help!


    Exactly the same problem as I have on Firefox. And yes, my Flash settings are right.


    I do not see that Duolingo has answered any of these complaints or given us any suggestions (or hope). Am I missing something? Thanks.


    I see these issues that I am experiencing as a newbie and they show a year old! I guess they haven't fixed anything.


    Hey! We don't fully support that browser- if you can I'd suggest using the latest version of Chrome because Duolingo works best there. If you're on firefox you're going to want to check that flash is installed. You'll need to make sure that you authorize Duolingo to have access to your microphone in the Flash privacy settings. Go here: http://j.mp/10jCImV. Once you've done this, make sure you also have the microphone enabled in your account settings at http://duolingo.com/#/settings/account. Finally, close your browser and open it again.


    I am using the latest version of Firefox (28). The microphone works on a few questions, but then on some random question, the microphone icon will stay non-clickable (grayed), and I am forced to use the option of not using the microphone to avoid losing my progress in the lesson.

    Kindly look into this glitchy behavior.

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