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Got Level 2 on every skill! Should I go for Level 3?

I have officially gotten Level 2 on every skill on my German tree, so yay!

That said, I did German on Duolingo on-and-off for three years before finishing my skill tree all the way through, so there are a lot of holes I need to fill. When Duolingo switched over to the dreaded crowns system, I got automatically bumped to Level 2 on all but about the last third of the tree (which I burned through in about a month because I've decided to finally give a [expletive] about my streak count), but I only have about five Level 3 skills out of, what, 120?

So my question is, should I move on to things like Lang-8, Clozemaster, immersion with a native German-speaker I know, etc, work through to Level 3 over the next few months to fill the gaps, or both? Or something else I haven't considered?


June 2, 2018



Lol that GIF was funny.


You should definitely keep on trying and get them to level 3 and even higher!


Congratulations!! :) I actually am about 1/3 way finished with everything. I get to level 5 on all skills before advancing to the next skill. That is just me though lol. Yes you should (: It will further enhance your ability :P

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