Japan SocietyNYC's Youtube channel rocks!


Back when I was studying Japanese in Uni, I greatly benefitted from the Japan Society NYC's Youtube Channel.

This channel not only has several language lessons, it also has a lot of videos about Japanese culture, focusing on one thing at a time.

With all of this wealth of information, one of my favorite videos ended up being the video on how to tell time. Why did I love it so much? Very simply, it provided an easy way to remember the counters attached to minutes aka when to use "pun" and when to use "fun". (btw 1:38 in the vid is when that part starts.) I was a TA for a couple of years and showed it to every first year Japanese student I worked with.

I hope you will enjoy this channel as a way to enrich your Japanese studies. ^_^

June 2, 2018

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Yes! I love that channel!

I also greatly benefit from the Japanese From Zero! channel. It goes a little slow in teaching characters but it's very fast in teaching grammar concepts and such! ^_^

June 2, 2018
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