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"Kterými nástroji vyrábíte ty stoly?"

Translation:With which tools do you make the desks?

June 2, 2018



This sentence sounds a bit odd in English. As a native speaker it's more natural to say 'Which tools do you you make the desks with?'


But there were English grammarians who were opposed to such stranding prepositions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preposition_stranding#Opinions_for_and_against

Obviously, the sentence you mentioned is accepted, it is just not the selected translation. There can only be one and it is not always the most common one. Neither for English nor for Czech.


It's a strange situation; grammatically the sentence should start "With which...." but in practice most of us would end the sentence with "with".


If the main translation were switched, other native speakers would still question the choice. The main translation cannot please everyone no matter what it is.


I agree and also agree with the answer as given; it's always best to stick with the grammatically correct version.

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