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The audio in 矮 often sounds incorrect.

Hi everyone,

In some questions, I have noticed that the audio for 矮 kind of sounds like ǎi, and in other questions like bǎi, and in others like dǎi. (Or maybe dái; I can't tell).

Has anyone else noticed this?


Edit: In the questions where you click on the character boxes to make a sentence, it sounds like ǎi, as well as when you hover over the character. It tends to sound like bǎi in this sentence: 他们的哥哥很矮, and like dǎi in this sentence: 你的弟弟矮不矮?

See my last post
June 2, 2018



I have not heard this, but I have noticed that ”化," which is supposed to be "hua (fourth tone)," sounds like second tone? (Or maybe I have really bad hearing.)


This might happen when the word is slurred with the word before. For instance, 弟 and 矮: di ai, dai.


Yes, I totally agree!

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