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Previously most clubs that I joined fizzled out because their members would use Duolingo less and less as time went on. So I decided to make this club which is made up of active Duolingo members, even if the members don't actively participate in German.

  1. To ensure the activity of the members, one can only become a member once they have attained a streak of 100 or higher.
  2. Upon losing a streak, the user will be removed from the club and can only rejoin once they have maintained a streak of 100 days or more, assuming there are still vacant spots.
  3. This club increases motivation and pressure to maintain streaks and to continue toward educational goals. Anyone has the ability to join but will be removed if requirements are not met. If you meet the requirements join with Club Code: 2VP8UR

Right now the current membership includes:

  1. Shadow Armfield - 774 day streak
  2. Genko Genov - 642 day streak
  3. Zekariah - 575 day streak
  4. AGA - 570 day streak
  5. FHead - 397 day streak
  6. Victor - 302 day streak
  7. Andre - 298 day streak
  8. Christi - 289 day streak
  9. André - 268 day streak
  10. Derpus Maximus - 265 day streak
  11. Thelittlehun - 243 day streak
June 2, 2018

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aww what about my zero day streak :'(

June 4, 2018
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