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[Bug] Pos. Pronouns & Nom. Pronouns

I'm not sure if this is intended or not but when I progress the lessons within Pos. Pronouns, it increases the progress of both Pos. Pronouns and Nom. Pronouns. When I did a lesson of Nom. Pronouns, it did the same thing, it increased both of them.

June 2, 2018



Please fill out the bug report form to add yet another report of this. It's been reported a few times already since the crowns came out, but apparently it hasn't been fixed yet.

Hopefully, if they get more people reporting the bug, maybe they might get an engineer to fix it sooner.

Also, just a heads up that there are additional skills in the German-from-English tree that have the same type of bug.


I have this same issue and filled out a report.


Still not working


I can confirm that this is still broken.

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