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"Mi sándwich de queso está en la nevera."

Translation:My cheese sandwich is in the fridge.

June 2, 2018



So the whole time I've been using Duo, refrigerador has meant 'fridge' or 'refrigerator' and now it doesn't? WTH?


I am used to el Frigo or Frigorifico from my Spanish study time in Granada back in the days, la Nevera was never used in school then nor by my Spanish friends. New times, new words, as long as the old ones are still accepted, fine. From where does Nevera originate; South America?


I don't know where "nevera" originated but, I find it interesting that it looks like it has the same root as "snow". Nevar-to snow, nevada-snowy, nieve-snow. I'm guessing that "nevera" is similar to that outdated American English word "icebox".


Nevera derives from the Latin "nivarius", meaning "of or belonging to snow". Probably has something to do with these cooling storages that have been used since Roman times.


Thank you for that information.


Nevera is popular in Spain, so I guess it comes from there. It is also used in the area between Central and South America (5th column).


What happened to the bocadillo and emparedado? Do not think Sandwich is Spanish. Come on Duo challenge us!


When I was in Peru and Colombia, every time I tried to use the word emparedado, people just looked at me confused lol. I feel sándwich replaced it in most areas


Bocadillo is a specific type of sandwich made with a baguette. At least in Spain. :)

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Well, it actually depends on the country. The word sandwich is not Spanish, the Spanish one is sándwich, with an accent mark, which means it's been adapted to the language.

I search for these words on the CORPES XXI and found this:

  • sándwich: 1 162 results.
  • sánduche: 49 results.
  • emparedado: 172 results.

I didn't look for bocadillo as it's primarily used with other meanings.


Not anymore, if the cat's still in there.


I played it in slow because the "de queso" part left me uncertain. Turns out, they actually say ESO instead of QUESO in the slowed down audio.


Before they "changed" the lessons, sandwich used to be emparedado also refrigerator was the same with an accent. La nevera is the first time I've seen the word, even when I was in Spain never heard it used in reference to a refrigerator.


According to this super-neat table, nevera is the most common name for the refrigerator in Spain. What did you hear instead?


In Mexico we use refrigerador.


Thats whay I said!!


I think this mail voice is difficult to understand


How come he pronounces sandwich like sandwie? Really don't like this dude, the girl is much better IMHO.


I listened to the slow version to make absolutely sure it was sandwich, and he sounded as if he was trying extra hard to pronounce the ch then to compensate! It was kind of amusing.

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The male voice and the new female voice seem to be struggling with sándwich. They're pronouncing the "ch" part with a /t/ sound.

You can listen to its pronunciation here: http://www.wordreference.com/es/en/translation.asp?spen=s%C3%A1ndwich

I think these new (IVONA) voices are more natural-sounding than the old female one, which struggled with a lot of words, but they're not perfect either.


Possibly the saddest sentence on Duolingo.


Who puts a sandwich in the fridge? The bread will go hard.


If you wrap it in foil, it'll stay nice and soft.


You can learn a lot in these discussions!


The speaker in not saying queso, it sounds like eso. I listened to it 5 times!


Our program writers don't accept " refridgerators" although I misspelled it, but c'mon man


a fridge and a refrigerator are the same thing, in casual English it is always a fridge.


Do you want the exact translation or what it would be in English? This says sandwich of cheese.


Generally you should try and make natural-sounding English sentences that don't stray too far from the original sentence.

English can just mash two nouns together to make a more specified noun: "cheese sandwich", "bus driver", "North Atlantic Treaty Organisation". Spanish doesn't have that capability, so it's working with possessive relations instead, using the preposition de: "sándwich de queso", "conductor de autobús", "Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte".


It didn't accept refrigerator only fridge


My cheese sandwich is in the refrigerator. Is also correct


So bad pronunciation, looks it was done this way with a purpose


Why esta not es


Ser-es estar-está these are very differnt! maybe the tips can help you, it is very hard to understand "Where you are and how you feel, that is when you use estar" Use google, it wil help!


why are you putting "s" for sandwich in your answer?


"My sandwich of cheese"... and "My cheese sandwich"


Why is refrigerator wrong


I hit the button to repeat say the sentence in Spanish. But the system knocked me out before I spoke. This is the second time this happened.


What???? I capitalized "FRIDGE" because in the last answer you wouldn't accept "refrigerator?" This is the reason I stopped 4 years ago! And get some more STORIES! You encourage us to study EVERY DAY and them you can't keep up with content.

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