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  5. "Habari za mchana mama?"

"Habari za mchana mama?"

Translation:How is the afternoon mother?

June 2, 2018



If this is meant to be a support for learners to give a literal translation, then it's okay. But I don't think that it's a grammatically correct translation.


What is this really supposed to mean?


When you see your mother (or by extention, another woman) in the afternoon and you want to enquire about how her afternoon is going. It's essentially just a greeting.


I wrote ' how is your afternoon mama' and it said i was wrong! This should be correct


The word for "your" is not there, technically, but in English it is awkward to leave it out.


The main dictionary definition of "mchana" is daytime (vs night time), and an evening greeting of "Za mchana?" or "Habari za mchana?" meaning, "How have you been today?" Of course, if it is afternoon time, and someone asks, "Habari za mchana?" I think it would be safe to assume they are meaning something like, "How are you this afternoon?" But I think another English translation could be, "How are you today?", even though it is using 'mchana', not 'leo'.


Laughable....no sound yet so I am getting wrong answers. Lol


The translation really doesn't make sense. Although there isn't a "your" tab as any of the options in Duo.


I heard two different pronunciations of mchana.


I dont now kiswahili


Why do you use the plural from of za rather than ya?

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