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Teach Yourself Mandarin Blog - LOTS OF RESOURCES FOR THE BEGINNER!

Hello everyone,

I wrote a blog that explains in depth how one can go about teaching oneself Mandarin, with many links to helpful resources and a detailed explanation on how to do it. It explains everything you need to know and will probably elucidate many of the questions you have if you're a complete beginner.

Link: https://teachyourselfmandarin.wordpress.com/

It's a lot of reading so keep that in mind. If anyone more knowledgeable sees something wrong, let me know and I will fix it, thanks.

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June 3, 2018



These resources are VERY helpful. I've already started to use several. Thank you!

A few other resources to mention are Skritter for writing (need to pay), FluentU for authentic content (need to pay), "Slow & Clear Chinese" Youtube channel for listening (free), and WrittenChinese.com for a dictionary (free).


I've put together a list of resources at https://learnchinese.club/ too.


Great list, thanks! Have a lingot!


Thanks! I highly recommend you try out the Mandrian course here on Duolingo!


Thanks for the info! I read it and I learned a lot! I am not learning Chinese right now but maybe I will in the future. Here are some lingots!


Thank you so much, these will help me to go a step further.

For example, I like the small stories... http://chinesereadingpractice.com/2016/05/01/little-horse-crosses-the-river/


Nice, thanks! Edit: gave you a lingot!


Thank you for the blog post. I am sure it will be useful in the future.


your paragraph about strokes has mistakes in it. i pointed out in a similar thread to this that you posted a while ago.


Do you like Messi?))) I like Messi too!


Take a lingot! This stuff is pretty great!


Great list - thank you!


Thanks a lot! I would add to your list the website Chinese from Zero to Hero, very reasonably priced and which is a gentle companion to the HSK books by the Pekin University. I am using many of the resources you list there to teach myself Mandarin

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