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  5. "Proč nehledáte toho medvěda?"

"Proč nehledáte toho medvěda?"

Translation:Why are you not looking for that bear?

June 3, 2018



What is wrong with the duolingo owl? Of course I'm not going to look for a bear. I would hope we all try our best to stay as far away from bears as possible.


What's wrong with "Why do you not look for that bear "


"Why do you not look for that bear?" is accepted. If that was your actual answer, you may have run into the intermittent Duo grading bug.


Why you do not looking for that bear... Why its wrong. Did i miss a grammar rule? English is not my native Language.


You have a wrong word order and cannot mix present simple and present continuous


Yes... you missed something. :-( "Why do you not looking" is completely incorrect in English. You can use "Why are you not looking" or "Why do you not look."


Sorry it was why are you not looking for that bear


This is the main translate that you can see on the top of this discussion.


Where is the answer in the series lessons in Czech: "Don't you know that I am blind as a bat?" "Nevíte jestli já jsem slepá jak netopýr." I suggest to include the bat in the list of animals.


Thanks for your suggestion. We can only change the vocabulary coverage for the next version of the course, and even there, "netopýr" would have to offer significant advantages to earn its inclusion because it is not covered in CEFR levels A1/A2.

It might also interest you that in Czech one is more likely to be as blind as a mole (krtek) or even a cartridge (patrona) than a bat. The cartridge thing comes from "slepá patrona" (blank cartridge).

In your translation, replace "jestli" with "že".

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