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Problem with the Crown System

Usually human beings are against the change so I didn't complain about the crown system in the beginning, giving enough time to myself to get acquainted to it first. Now Its few months that I'm using the new system, although different levels of repetition in one skill is good, but I can't focus on the lessons in which I'm weak and repeat only the words that I'm not good at anymore. For example I'm practicing Spanish Present2 skill at level 1 and its bombarding me with 50 new verbs without giving me enough time to practice 3-4 verbs at a time and see all conjugations of only those verbs and it just goes forward and introduces more new verbs. I can't go backward also, nor it shows the title of the verbs or words I would learn in this level/skill. I would really wish that Duolingo somehow changes this to the way it was before while keeping the Leveling.

Thanks and Regards, Hooman

June 3, 2018



I hear you and sympathise.

I had this problem when I started learning Preterite verbs, which if I'm honest has been a bit of a nightmare!

Not only do Preterite verbs have two different endings, there's quite a number of irregular ones. If that's not bad enough, when I started the Preterite lessons, it wasn't testing you on the verbs contained in the tinycard preterite stack, but all of the Present Tense 1, 2 and 3 verbs learned so far! That's a huge number of verbs to start conjugating in two different endings.

It's taken me two weeks so far and I still haven't fully finished learning them all.

All I can suggest is, you learn the verb meanings in tinycards: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/4AwCCh/spanish-verbs-present-2

Then separate the irregular from the regular verbs and learn the different spellings and then attempt the Verbs Present 2 lessons.

It's a shame the duolingo lessons are structured in such a way that you really need to learn all the verbs contained in the lesson first before you can attempt to complete the lessons.

But in a way, you have to learn them all anyway, you might as well do it before you start the lesson!


Thanks for your kind suggestion, will try that but I still think that Duolingo can be better by some improvements like this.


Well put...enjoy a Lingot.


Hi Hooman, I've been gone for a while so I hardly feel justified in making a comment about anything. However, came to the "Discussion" looking for a way to engage and came to your post. It sounds like you began endeavoring to keep an open mind about the new system and then fell into the group of people you mentioned that commonly resist change. So, here is my comment: I "think" the Duolingo system is based on science so I think the new system is designed to "challenge" serious learners like yourself and, from your comment, it sounds like it's working...lol. The system may take more into consideration what your capacity truly is and be stretching you to reach that. So, I would say, maybe trust the new system to take you beyond the limits that you perceive for yourself? You can do it!


Not sure if this will help you but if you click on "Words" on the full website and find one of the weak words, click on the word and in a small window it tells you which "Skill" that word comes from so you can practice that skill.


Thanks but I already know which skill the weak word is in, what I want is to be able to practice exact step of the skill which I can't because levels are just going forward.


You could start another account then work through the skills (from the beginning) that you want to work through. The chances of getting DuoLingo to change anything are slim.


You mean for each skill I want to repeat I start a new account!!!!


No, just repeat all the skills you would like to repeat with the new account, all the skills would be at level one.


Hi, this is the Spanish forum, for getting help with Spanish grammar, vocabulary, resources, etc. Could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "Spanish" to "Duolingo"? That way it won't clutter up the Spanish forum, and it will be in the appropriate forum for discussing improvements to Duolingo (the programmers are more likely to hear your idea if you post it in "Duolingo").

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I just changed the topic, hope this helps.


I partly agree: - there are skill lessons mainly on grammar and - there are skill lessons mainly on vocabulary Usually it is quite well arranged to train words in the second section and grammar (mostly conjugations - for irregular verbs it starts getting complicated) in the first section. For the pure vocabulary sections like "Science" I cannot agree to your statement.

What I would like to emphasize more: - Each section brings you 1600/80 = 20 new words But if I am weak in one (or a few) of them I will always train that section, i.e. 19 words I know well and the one, that I know, I have to put in, if I do not know what I should use. This is not a training I look for.

I would like a "strengthen word" button, to improve mainly the 20 of my weakest words. Best yould be, each time in a freshly mixed pattern.

And I would like to get the support for adding own (private) sections with new words, that match my interests, e.g. "world of sailing", "world of flight", etc. that I am allowed to share. If this is already out there, please tell me.


Would it not be better to have a level based system, say 1, 2 and 3, so DuoLingers can start where they feel is appropriate? It would be useful for more advanced users who can skip all the basic, repetitive exercises that they are currently being subjected to. When DuoLingo update things then changes to Level 1 would not affect Level 2 and 3 users and changes to Level 2 would not affect Level 3 users and so on. More advanced additions to DuoLingo could be added as Levels 4, 5 etc and is therefore limitless without affecting the progress of long term users.

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