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"¿Cuánto cuesta el kilo de tomates?"

Translation:How much does the kilo of tomatoes cost?

2 months ago


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Is it just me or is this more natural as "How much does a kilo of tomatoes cost" in English?

2 months ago


I thought the same! This seems to be a direct translation not taking into account that you say the same thing slightly different in English and Spanish..

2 months ago


This is frustrating because sometimes the direct translation is incorrect, but in instances like this it's the only correct answer. There needs to be consistency. Even Google Translate gives you "a kilo of tomatoes."

2 weeks ago

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I think it's a valid sentence, it depends on context.

If you haven't yet bought your kilo of tomatoes, How much does a kilo... would probably be relevant. If you'd already bought it and were checking your receipt, you might ask 'How much does the kilo of...

2 months ago

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In that case it would sound much better with 'that kilo of...'.

1 month ago


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