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How does my German sound?

I read the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in German. How bad do I sound?

Please tell me if you’re a native German speaker.


June 3, 2018



I'm from Germany and I must say that this was pretty good :D I understood what you said.

When you read "Brüderlichkeit" keep in mind that your "ü" is the longest vowel in your word. So don't emphasize that "i" in Brüderl"i"chkeit too strong :-)

You did a great job :D


Thank you! That’s awesome to hear. Can you tell where I’m from?


Oh, and you pronounce the ch in Rechten like Swiss people would do it. In Hochdeutsch it's less... rough.

I can't really tell where you are from. You sound neither English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Asian nor Slavic... from what I can tell from this short clip. But you got the R-sound right, so maybe you speak a language that pronounces it similar. Uhm.. maybe a nordic country, an arabic-speaking country or another language that I don't know good enough. And now I'm wondering if I can get a clue from the ch-sound.



I’m a native English speaker from the United States. I’m grateful for the compliments and I assume since no one can tell where I’m from that my accent isn’t too thick.


I am a German native from the south-western part. You did a great job, you read the quote quite well. To place your origin, I'd say you're (maybe eastern) African, but maybe not from an English-speaking country.

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