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  5. "Mi cumpleaños es en enero."

"Mi cumpleaños es en enero."

Translation:My birthday is in January.

June 3, 2018



What's plural of 'Cumpleaños'm


Cumpleaños uses the most common form of Spanish compound word. They are constructed of the third person singular indicative of a verb and the plural form of a noun. So you have

Cumple+años cumpleaños complete years = birthday

Lava+platos lavaplatos wash dishes = diswasher

Abre+latas abrelatas open cans = can opener

As a rule these nouns are all masculine and don't change between singular and plural.

Here is a link with some more examples



This is very useful, thanks lynettemcw


Dragaminas = minesweeper


It stays the same in its plural form.

You'll know from the context of the sentence as to whether it's singular or plural translation:

Por ejemplo

mi cumpleaños - my birthday

dos cumpleaños - two birthdays


My birthday was last weekend, In January...


Mi compleaños es también en enero, en el dieciséis. Es probable que aproximadamente una de cada doce personas en Duo lo tenga también.


This eminem chick talks so fast i cant hear anything !!!


I know i should know it's meant to be "mi cumpleaños" anyway, but she definitely says "me cumpleaños" in the fast audio


I definitely hear mi. But the difference in sound of me and mi at normal Spanish speaking speeds is so slight. Part of what helps you understand is that your brain knows what should be where. That's why you will have people say "I thought you said [some random unrelated or strange thing]. That which you know you should know eventually will smooth out the minor variations in pronunciation that occur naturally every day. It's a function your brain does by itself eventually, but doesn't work as well of course without context which is Duo's weakness. But you do need your mind to self correct your ears a lot.


why not "is on january?"


At least in American English, events and occasions fall on a day, but in a week, month or year.


Y el mio también.

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