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Conjugation of "Verstehen": vertehst vs verstihst

I've just started learning German and have a problem concerning the correct conjugation of the verb "Verstehen" (to understand). I see that Duolingo accepts the following: Ich vertehe, Du vertehst, Er versteht, Wir verstehen, Ihr versteht, Sie verstehen.

However, when I check Collins' Dictionary (https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/german-english/conjugation/verstehen), they suggest that the conjugation should be like this: ich verstehe, du verstihst, er/sie/es verstiht, wir verstehen, ihr versteht, sie/Sie verstehen.

Why is there a discrepancy? Which one is correct? Thanks so much, everyone!

June 3, 2018



Hi, the one in the collin's dictionary seems to be wrong

ich verstehe

du verstehst

er / sie/ es versteht

wir verstehen

ihr versteht

sie verstehen


Thank you all for your help. I'm absolutely surprised that such an established dictionary made such a serious mistake. I've sent them an email to enquiry about it. I will use the resources you suggested from now on! Thanks so much for helping me to learn!


I personally find leo.org and PONS to be my everyday German-English dictionaries. Sometimes I also use the Duden, if I want to see the more details of the word in German.

On leo.org you can click on the little book icon to the left of a word to see its conjugtion table, such as this one for verstehen.


That's definitely a mistake on the collins dictionary: The only correct conjugation is "du verstehst, er versteht"

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