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"tera' Hogh jaj Qav 'oH jaj wa''e'."

Translation:Sunday is the last day of the Terran week.

June 3, 2018



It's the first on my calendar!


Thought this phrase was being a bit presumptuous, too. When I was researching weekdays for reasonable mnemonics to help remember them, I did notice Sunday being the first or last day was not global, but dependent on culture/religion.


I guess the Klingon who wrote that sentence had met different Terrans :)


Sunday is the first day of the week in the USA (and maybe other places). It's the last day of the week in Austria (and probably other European countries).


I think the audio has got a little encoding glitch here. Qov's "Qav" sounds like "Qagh" here, no matter how I listen to it.

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