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"lupDujHomwIj lubuy'moH ghotI'mey."

Translation:My shuttlecraft is full of fish.

June 3, 2018



The construct is weird here. The literal translation is Fish fill my shuttlecraft. Is this a common construction? Is there a general pattern here we should learn?


A more literal translation would be Fish cause my shuttlecraft to be full. I think the disconnect comes because the given Klingon and English sentences have completely different semantics. In the Klingon, the fish are causing something to be, and the shuttle is having a state imposed on it. In the English (My shuttlecraft is full of fish) the fish aren't doing anything at all, and the shuttlecraft is experiencing a state.

I probably wouldn't translate the English this way because of this semantic disconnect. I would go with buy' lupDujHomwIj; ghotI'mey ngaS My shuttlecraft is full; it contains fish.


lang'a' ghotI'meyvam 'ej tIq'a'?
I was about to suggest a variation with qagh.


I think I've seen a variation using bIQ'a' ghargh.


I knew the ones here use ghargh, which is why I was going to suggest qagh. That said, eels occur both in rivers and the sea.


I'd go with ghargh too. They're only qagh when they're ready to eat.


True, but I'm not sure if ghargh is one of the available words here.


My hovercraft is full of eels. :)

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