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Hi I'm a native spanish speaker! Any doubts?

Hi, I'm a native spanish speaker, I just came into the Spanish course to see how english speakers were learning my language, to check the accuracy of Duolingo and of course, if you need it, to help you with your doubts! So... Just ask me!!!

June 3, 2018


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Cual se utiliza más: Vale u ok?


Aquí en México se suele escuchar más OK, pero en España y parte de Sudamérica se usa VALE.


Veo que también estudias francés (yo también), eres de USA?


why do we have to say YO soy una gata? Does not the conjugation of ser show us that it is in the yo form?


It is not necessary to say YO soy una gata, you can just say: Soy una gata, in fact, yes, the conjugation in Spanish tells us who we are talking about


And other thing: If you use GATO you say UN GATO, if you say GATA, then it is UNA GATA ; )


'te voy a dar tu perro'... can you say 'voy a darte...' or does the 'te' always have to go at the front of the sentence? Gracias!!!


"Voy a darte" is also ok


When do you use le? When I first learned it, it was used with all and every él and ella but now that I'm passed that I see very little of it. They always use either lo or la which I find confusing because I believe that they mean it. If you could explain it I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.


"Le" is used as a substitute for the indirect object in a sentence: Anna regaló chocolates a sus primos = Anna LES regaló chocolates The indirect object (sus primos) disappears. If it is not clear tell me

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