"Estamos disfrutando mucho este viaje."

Translation:We are really enjoying this trip.

4 months ago



We really are enjoying this trip should also be accepted

3 months ago


There's a different in meaning beyween we really are and we are really

We are really means you are enjoying it alot whereas we really are means you truly are enjoying it.

The former explains how much fun you're having whereas the latter, you're arguing that you are enjoying it.

That's why it's wrong.

2 months ago


While technically you are correct about the meanings the sum result is the same. It is a difference with no real difference.

1 week ago


Maybe "travel" as a noun is a bit wierd, but I still think this sentence should be accepted: "We are enjoying this travel a lot"

4 months ago


I got it wrong by writing we really are enjoying this trip.

3 months ago


Me too Gus.

2 months ago
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